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"Slinging Dope"The Role of Gangs and Gang Members in Drug Sales (PDF)

A Short History of Asian Gangs in San Francisco (PDF)

A Systemic Analysis of the Dynamics and Organization of Urban Street Gangs (PDF)

A Tale of Two Cities:Gangs as Organized Crime Groups (PDF)

Addressing Community Gang Problems:A Model for Problem Solving (PDF)

Addressing Community Gang Problems:A Practical Guide (PDF)

Alcohol and Violence in the Lives of Gang Members (PDF)

Are Rural Gang Members Similar to Their Urban Counterparts? (PDF)

Assessing Gang Activity in Montgomery County (PDF)

California Gang Information

Collective and Normative Features of Gang Violence (PDF)

Community Gang Prevention Team Survey (PDF)

Community Justice and the Gang:A Life-Course Perspective (PDF)

Comprehensive Gang Initiative Program (PDF)

Criminal Behavior of Gang Members and At-Risk Youths (PDF)

Defensive Localism in White and Black:A Comparative History of European-American and African-American Youth Gangs (PDF)

Designing Out Gang Homicides and Street Assaults (PDF)

Disputes Involving Youth Street Gang Members:Micro-Social Contexts (PDF)

Enabling Prosecutors To Address Drug, Gang, and Youth Violence (PDF)

Evaluating GREAT A School-Based Gang Prevention Program (PDF)

Examination of Youth and Gang Affiliation within the Federally Sentenced Aboriginal Population (PDF)

Fear of Gang Crime:A Look at Three Theoretical Models (PDF)

Fear of Gangs:A Test of Alternative Theoretical Models (PDF)

Female (Girl) Gang Information

Gang Activity in English Prisons:The Prisoners Perspective (PDF)

Gang Awareness Handbook, San Antonio (PDF)

Gang Interventions In Jails:A National Analysis (PDF)

Gang Members and Delinquent Behavior (PDF)

Gang Members on the Move (PDF)

Gang Members, Career Criminals and Prison Violence:Further Specification of the Importation Model of Inmate Behavior (PDF)

Gang Membership and Criminal Processing:A Test of the Master Status Concept (PDF)

Gang Membership and Violent Victimization (PDF)

Gang Membership, Delinquent Peers, and Delinquency Behavior (PDF)

Gang Membership, Race, and Social Class:A Test of the Group Hazard and Master Status Hypotheses (PDF)

Gang Problems in Nometropolitan Areas:A Longitudinal Assessment (PDF)

Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT):Results From the National Evaluation (PDF)

Gang Structures, Crime Patterns, and Police Responses (PDF)

Gang Structures, Crime Patterns, and Police Responses:A Summary Report (PDF)

Gang Suppression and Intervention:Community Models (PDF)

Gang Suppression and Intervention:Problem and Response (PDF)

Gang Suppression through Saturation Patrol, Aggressive Curfew, and Truancy Enforcement (PDF)

Gang Violence Suppression Program-Final Evaluation Report, 2003 (PDF)

Gangs in Rural America, Final Report (PDF)

Gangs in Schools (PDF)

Gangs in South Carolina:An Exploratory Study (PDF)

Getting High and Getting By:Dimensions of Drug Selling Behaviors Among American Mexican Gang Members in South Texas (PDF)

Girl (Female) Gang Information

Group and Gang States of Mind (PDF)

Growth of Youth Gang Problems in the US:1970Ė98 (PDF)

Gunshot Wounds to the Head:Gang- and Non-Gang-Related Injuries and Outcomes (PDF)

How Do Violent Youth Gangs Fall Apart? (PDF)

Hybrid and Other Modern Gangs (PDF)

Implementing the OJJDP Comprehensive Gang Model (PDF)

It's A Sucker's Outfit:How Urban Gangs Enable and Impede the Reintegration of Ex-Convicts (PDF)

Joining The Gang and Becoming A "Broder" Nicaragua (PDF)

Legitimating Drug Use:A Note on the Impact of Gang Membership and Drug Sales on the Use of Illicit Drugs (PDF)

Migrant Gangs, Religion and Tattoo Removal (PDF)

Modern Day Youth Gangs (PDF)

National Gang Threat Assessment, 2005 (PDF)

North Carolina Gang Information

Northeast Gang Information System (PDF)

Patterns of Chinese Gang Extortion (PDF)

Policing Minority Street Corner Gangs in Singapore:A View from the Street (PDF)

Preventing Adolescent Gang Involvement (PDF)

Preventing Gang- and Drug-Related Witness Intimidation (PDF)

Representing Gangs in The News:Media Constructions of Criminal Gangs (PDF)

Responding to Gangs in Missouri, June 2001 (PDF)

Responding to Gangs:Evaluation and Research (PDF)

Street Gangs and Interventions:Innovative Problem Solving with Network Analysis (PDF)

Texas Gang Information

The Political and Organizational Response to Gangs:An Examination of a Moral Panic in Nevada (PDF)

Transforming Latino Gang Violence in the United States (PDF)

Vietnamese-American Gang Information

What is a gang? (PDF)

Womenís and Menís Fear of Gang Crimes:Sexual and Nonsexual Assault as Perceptually Contemporaneous Offenses (PDF)

Working with Women Associated with Bikie Gangs:Practice Dilemmas (PDF)

Youth Gang Information

Youth Gangs in Rhode Island - Perception of Youth and Law Enforcement Agencies and Anti-Gang Strategies, August 2002 (PDF)

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