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Heroin Information


Adolescent Heroin Use: A Review (PDF)

Brief Motivational Intervention at a Clinic Visit Reduces Cocaine and Heroin Use (PDF)

Comparison of Levomethadyl Acetate, Buprenorphine, and Methadone for Opioid Dependence (PDF)

Crack, Powder Cocaine, and Heroin: Drug Purchase and Use Patterns (PDF)

Epidemiology of Heroin and Other Narcotics (PDF)

Estimation of Heroin Availability, 1995-1998 (PDF)

Forensic Opioid Bibliography (PDF)

Growing Importance of Ukraine as a Transit Country for Heroin Trafficking, Final Report (PDF)

H Is For Heroin (PDF)

Heroin - Facing the Issues (Chinese) (PDF)

Heroin (PDF)

Heroin Abuse and Addiction (PDF)

Heroin Abuse and Addiction Research Report (PDF)

Heroin and Driving (PDF)

Heroin Overdose Information

Heroin Supply

Heroin Treatment Admissions in Urban and Rural Areas (PDF)

Heroin Treatment Admissions Increase: 1993-1999 (PDF)

Heroin Use Among Female Adolescents: The Role of Partner Influence in Path of Initiation and Route of Administration (PDF)

Heroin Use: What Communities Should Know (PDF)

Heroin: Changes in How It Is Used (PDF)

HIV and Heroin: A Deadly International Affair (PDF)

I Love You ... and Heroin: Care and Collusion Among Drug-Using Couples (PDF)

Interagency Domestic Heroin Threat Assessment (PDF)

Is it Acceptable to Discharge a Heroin User with an Intravenous Line (PDF)

Legal Aspects of Providing Naloxone to Heroin Users in the US (PDF)

Loss of Tolerance and Overdose Mortality After Inpatient Opiate Detoxification (PDF)

NIDA Collection of Articles that Address Research on Heroin (PDF)

Overland Heroin Trafficking Routes and HIV-1 Spread in South and South-East Asia (PDF)

Probable Cyanide Intoxication in Heroin Users (MS Word)

Racial and Ethnic Diversity among a Heroin and Cocaine Using Population: Treatment System Utilization (PDF)

Randomised Trial Of Heroin Maintenance Programme For Addicts Who Fail In Conventional Drug Treatments (PDF)

Recreational Drugs and HIV Antivirals: A Guide to Interactions for Clinicians 2002 (PDF)

Reinterpreting Ethnic Patterns among White and African American Men Who Inject Heroin: A Social Science of Medicine Approach (PDF)

The British System of Heroin Addiction Treatment and the Opening of Drug Dependence Units, 19651970 (PDF)

The Natural History of A Heroin Epidemic (PDF)



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