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Homelessness Links


American Bar Association Commission on Homelessness and Poverty

Assessing Homeless Population Size Through the Use of Emergency and Transitional Shelter Services in 1998  Results from the Analysis of Administrative Data from Nine US Jurisdictions (PDF)

Best Practices for Working with Homeless Immigrants and Refugees (PDF)

Best Practices, Homelessness

California Homelessness

Casualties of Complexity:  Why Eligible Homeless People Are Not Enrolled in Medicaid (PDF)

Changing Attitudes Toward Homeless People:  A Curriculum Evaluation (PDF)

Characteristics of Persons Who Are Homeless for the First Time (PDF)

Child Welfare League of America, Housing & Homelessness Initiative

Coalition on Human Needs addresses the needs of low-income and other vulnerable populations.

Covenant House

Department of Health and Human Services Homelessness page

Determinants of under-nutrition among homeless adults (PDF)


Drug Use And HIV Risk Among Homeless And Potentially Homeless Youth In The Australian Capital Territory (PDF)

Effects of Early Sexual Abuse on Later Sexual Victimization Among Female Homeless and Runaway Adolescents (PDF)

Hale Kipa, Helping Oahu's Homeless Youths

Hard to Reach:  Rural Homelessness and Health Care (PDF)

Healing Hands, a Publication of the Health Care for the Homeless Council

Health Care Issues for Adolescents Who are Homeless (PDF)

Health Care of Homeless Veterans:  Why Are Some Individuals Falling Through the Safety Net (PDF)

HIV and Homelessness

HomeBase:  strives to end homelessness, and decrease its effects on communities.

Homeless and Non-Homeless Arrestees:  Distinctions in Prevalence and in Sociodemographic, Drug Use, and Arrest Characteristics Across DUF Sites, Final Report (PDF)

Homeless Assistance Agencies--Hawai'i

Homeless Children:  What Every Health Care Provider Should Know (PowerPoint)

Homeless Discussion List, Archives, and Web Links  

Homeless Health Care, Hawai'i

Homeless Policy Academy Initiative:  Final Contractor's Report (PDF)

Homeless Program Information--Hawai'i

Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program:  Best Practices Profiles of Employment Assistance Programs (PDF)

Homelessness and Harm Reduction (PDF)

Homelessness and Health (PDF)

Homelessness and Transgender Information

Homelessness, Health Care Reform and the Single Payer Solution (PDF)

Hospitalization of the Homeless

Housing Issues

Income and Spending Patterns Among Panhandlers (PDF)

Infections in the Homeless (PDF)

Interagency Council on Homelessness

Learning About Homelessness and Health in Your Community:  A Data Resource Guide (PDF)

Light Bringers:  Helping the Homeless and the Working Poor on Maui

McAuley Institute helps expand housing and economic opportunities

Medical Respite Services for Homeless People:  Practical Models (PDF)

Mental Health and Homelessness

National Alliance to End Homelessness

National Center for Homeless Education

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans

National Coalition for the Homeless

National Health Care for the Homeless Council, Inc.

National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty  

On Homelessness and the American Way (PDF)

Organizing Health Services for Homeless People:  A Practical Guide (PDF)

Risk Factors for Hepatitis C Virus Infection Among Homeless Adults (PDF)

Smoking Cessation in a Homeless Population:  There Is a Will, But Is There a Way (PDF)

StandUp For Kids helps homeless and at-risk youth living on the streets.

Study Of Mortality Among Users Of Hostels For Homeless People (PDF)

Substance Abuse and Homelessness

Survival Tips for Living on the Streets (PDF)

Taking It to the Streets  Homelessness, Health, and Health Care in the United States (PDF)

The 1996 National Survey of Homeless Assistance Providers and Clients (PDF)

The diversity of case management needs for the care of homeless persons (PDF)

Travelers Aid International

Treatment and Recommendations for Homeless Children with Otitis Media (PDF)

Treatment and Recommendations for Homeless Patients 2003 (PDF)

Treatment and Recommendations for Homeless Patients with Diabetes Mellitus (PDF)

Treatment and Recommendations on Reproductive Health Care for Homeless Patients (PDF)

US Department of Veterans Affairs Homeless Programs Office

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Tuberculosis and Homelessness

Street Children

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Homelessness (STD)

Homelessness and Transgender Information

HIV and Homelessness

Mental Health and Homelessness

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Hospitalization of the Homeless



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