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Prostitution (Sex Workers)


3 Ps Approach to Combating Commercial Sexual Exploitation (PDF)

A Large Specific Deterrent Effect of Arrest for Patronizing a Prostitute (PDF)

A Prostitute's Progress:  Male Prostitution in Scientific Discourse (PDF)

A Theory of Prostitution (PDF)

Alcohol and Drug Use in Heterosexual and Homosexual Prostitution, and Its Relation to Protection Behaviour (PDF)

Bad for the Body, Bad for the Heart:  Prostitution Harms Women Even if Legalized or Decriminalized (PDF)

Bodies Across Borders:  Prostitution and Trafficking in Women (PDF)

Burnout Among Female Indoor Sex Workers (PDF)

Cervical HPV Infections In Commercial Sex Workers:  Risk Factors And Behaviors (PDF)

Cervical Smears and Human Papillomavirus Typing in Sex Workers (PDF)

Commercial Sexual Exploitation:  Factsheet (PDF)

Community Panel on Prostitution (PDF)

Condom Use In Female Sex Workers In Italy (PDF)

Consequences of Commercial Sexual Exploitation (PDF)

Consuming Sex:  Finnish Male Clients' and Russian and Baltic Prostitution (PDF)

Declining Prevalence of STI in the London Sex Industry, 1985 to 2002 (PDF)

Discourses Surrounding Prostitution Policies in the United Kingdom (PDF)

Eastern Prostitution from Russia to Sweden and Finland (PDF)

Focusing on the Clients of Street Prostitutes:  A Creative Approach to Reducing Violence Against Women (PDF)

General Health Problems Of Inner-City Sex Workers:  A Pilot Study (PDF)

Guidelines for the Management of Sexually Transmitted Infections in Female Sex Workers (PDF)

Harm Reduction for Prostitution (Sex Workers)

Health Indicators Among Low Income Women Who Report A History of Sex Work:  The Population Based Northern California Young Women's Survey (PDF)

Health Issues Associated with Increasing Use of Crack Cocaine Among Female Sex Workers (PDF)

Health Issues Associated with Increasing Use of Crack Cocaine Among Female Sex Workers in London (PDF)

Hepatitis B Vaccination for Sex Workers:  Do Outreach Program Perform Better (PDF)

Historical Perspective on Sex for Drugs Behavior (PDF)

History of Prostitution

HIV/AIDS and Prostitution (Sex Workers)

How Prostitution Works (PDF)

Hustling for Health:  Developing Services for Sex Workers in Europe (PDF)

Is Prostitution Work Or Exploitation:  Further Consideration (PDF)

Juvenile (Child) Prostitution

Links Between Sex and Drug Markets (PDF)

Low Prevalence of Hepatitis B Markers Among Mexican Female Sex Workers (PDF)

Making Sex Work Safe (PDF)

Male Sexwork Handbook (PDF)

Migration and Prostitution (PDF)

Negotiating Risk:  How Women Working in Massage Parlours Preserve Their Sexual and Psychological Health (PDF)

New Strategies for an Old Profession:  A Court and a Community Combat a Streetwalking Epidemic (PDF)

Nobody Gives a Damn if I Live or Die.  Violence, Drugs, AND Street-Level Prostitution in Inner-City Hartford, Connecticut (PDF)

On Prostitution, STDs and the Law in South Africa:  The State as Pimp (PDF)

Out of the Sauna:  Sexual Health Promotion with Off Street Sex Workers (PDF)

Part Time Female Sex Workers in a Suburban Community in Kenya:  A Vulnerable Hidden Population (PDF)

Patterns of Sexual Commerce Among Women at US Syringe Exchange Programs (PDF)

Pragmatism in the Polder:  Changing Prostitution Policy in The Netherlands (PDF)

Profiting from Abuse (PDF)

Prostitutes:  A Creative Approach to Reducing Violence Against Women--Summary Report (PDF)

Prostitution (Sex Workers) in Asia and the Pacific

Prostitution and the Sex Discrepancy in Reported Number of Sexual Partners (PDF)

Prostitution Debates in France (PDF)

Prostitution in Russia (PDF)

Prostitution in the Nordic Countries (PDF)

Prostitution Policy in Europe:  A Time of Change (PDF)

Prostitution Services:  An Exploratory Empirical Analysis (PDF)

Prostitution Statistics, Illinois (PDF)

Prostitution, Australia

Prostitution, Canada

Prostitution, Public Health, and Human-Rights Law (PDF)

Prostitution:  John Howard Society (PDF)

Prostitution:  To Decriminalize or to Legalize (PDF)

Prostitution:  Would Legalisation Help (PDF)

Psychometric Utility of the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire with Female Street-Based Sex Workers (PDF)

Research for Sex Work

Research Note:  Polling the Public on Prostitution (PDF)

Rethinking Commodification and Prostitution:  An Effort at Peacemaking in the Battles over Prostitution (PDF)

Risk factors for syphilis:  Cocaine use and prostitution (PDF)

Self-Reported Experiences of Health Services Among Female Street-Based Prostitutes:  A Cross-Sectional Survey (PDF)

Sex Trafficking

Sex Work and Drug Use in a Subculture of Violence (PDF)

Sex Work and Health:  A Question of Safety in the Workplace (PDF)

Sex Workers and the Cost of Safe Sex (PDF)

Sex Workers in Agricultural Areas:  Their Drugs, Their Children (PDF)

Sexual Health Education for Male Sex Workers (PDF)

Sexually Transmitted Infections in Male Clients of Female Sex Workers in Benin (PDF)

Silicones, Hormones and HIV in Transgender Street Prostitutes (PDF)

STI Prevention and the Male Sex Industry in London:  Evaluating a Pilot Peer Education Program (PDF)

Street Careers  Homelessness, Drug Use, And Sex Work Among Young Men Who Have Sex with Men (YMSM) (PDF)

Street Prostitution, 2nd Edition, 2006 (PDF)

Street Prostitution in Scotland:  The Views of Working Women (PDF)

Tackling Client Violence in Female Street Prostitution:  Inter-Agency Working Between Outreach Agencies and the Police (PDF)

Teaching Prostitution Seriously (PDF)

The Debate on Prostitution in France:  A Conflict between Abolitionism, Regulation and Prohibition (PDF)

The Effects of Childhood Trauma on Sex Trading in Substance Using Women (PDF)

The Happy Hooker (PDF)

The Mann Act (1910) (PDF)

The Many Faces of Sex Work (PDF)

The Materiality of Everyday Sex:  Thinking Beyond:  Prostitution (PDF)

The Principles for Model Sex Industry Law Reform (PDF)

The Production and Reproduction of Prostitution (PDF)

The Rise and Fall of the Norwegian Massage Parlours:  Changes in the Norwegian Prostitution Setting in the 1990s (PDF)

The Risks of Street Prostitution:  Punters, Police and Protesters (PDF)

Tolerance of Nonconformity and Its Effect On Attitudes Toward The Legalization of Prostitution:  A Multivariate Analysis (PDF)

Transnational Prostitution:  A Global Feminist Response (PDF)

Unjust and Counterproductive:  the Failure of Governments to Protect Sex Workers from Discrimination (PDF)

Violence and the Outlaw Status of Street Prostitution in Canada (PDF)

Violence By Clients Towards Female Prostitutes In Different Work Settings (PDF)

We Can Do Better:  Helping Prostituted Women and Girls in Grand Rapids Make Healthy Choices (PDF)

When Silenced Voices Speak:  An Exploratory Study of Prostitute Homicide (PDF)

Where Do Sex Workers Go for Health Care? (PDF)

Working Conditions, Health Status and Exiting Experience of Sex Workers (PDF)

Young People and Prostitution:  Perpetrators in Our Midst (PDF)

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