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Sex, Sexual Issues and Sexuality Links

A Communitarian Perspective on Sex and Sexuality (PDF)

ABC of Sexual Health: Homosexual Men and Women (PDF)

ABC of Sexual Health: Sexual Variations (PDF)


Adolescent Sexuality

Adult Baby Syndrome (PDF)

Age of Consent for Sexual Activity (PDF)

Alan Guttmacher Institute: Reproductive Health Research, Policy Analysis and Public Education

American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists

American Social Health Association

Anal Sex

Aspects of the Psychopathology of Sexual Behaviour (PDF)

Attitudes About Sexual Disclosure and Perceptions of Stigma and Shame (PDF)

Autoerotic Sex

Avoiding Risky Sex Partners: Perception of Partners' Risks v Partners' Self Reported Risks (PDF)


Case report: Sexual intercourse as potential treatment for intractable hiccups (PDF)

Chronic Illness and Sexuality (PDF)

Connotative Interpretations of Sexuality-Related Terms (PDF)


Determinants of Extramarital Sex in the Philippines (PDF)

Does Quality of Marital Sex Decline with Duration (PDF)

Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality

Erotic Tourism


Exploring the Motivations and Fantasies of Strip Club Customers in Relation to Legal Regulations (PDF)

Fundamental Misapprehensions of the History of Sodomy Laws (amicus brief) (PDF)

Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered

Gender Differences in Erotic Plasticity (PowerPoint)

Gender, Sexuality, and HIV/AIDS: The What, the Why, and the How (PDF)

Global Sex: Sexuality and Sexual Practices Around the World (PDF)

Go Ask Alice!: Sexual Health

Health Benefits of Sexual Expression (PDF)

Healthy People 2010: Reproductive Health (PDF)


High Rates of Sexual Behavior in the General Population: Correlates and Predictors (PDF)

High-risk Sexual Behaviors Declined After Treatment Across Age Groups (PDF)

How Does The US Compare With The Rest Of The World In Human Sexual Behavior (PDF)

How to Do a Sexual Physical Exam (PDF)

Human Sexuality and Mental Illness: Consumer Viewpoints and Recovery Principles (PDF)

Illicit Sexual Activity in Public Places (PDF)

Internet and Sexuality

Intimate Relationships: A Vital Component of Health (PDF)

Inventing the Hetaira: Sex, Politics, and Discursive Conflict in Archaic Greece (PDF)


Kama Sutra (PDF)

Kinsey Institute

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Of Male And Female Genitals During Coitus And Female Sexual Arousal (PDF)

Management of Sexual Deviation (PDF)

Managing between the Sheets: Lifestyle Magazines and the Management of Sexuality in Everyday Life (PDF)


Measuring Sexual Behaviour: Methodological Challenges in Survey Research (PDF)

Medicine and Sexuality

Men, Sex, Sexual Issues, Sexuality

NYC Sex: How New York City Transformed Sex in America (PDF)

Oral Sex

Outercourse (PDF)


Planned Parenthood

Pornography Information

Preventing HIV: Determinants of Sexual Behaviour (PDF)

Prostitution (Sex Workers)


Sadomasochism and Fetishism Subject Bibliography (PDF)

Safer Sex

Seniors, Sexuality

Sex and Drugs

Sex and Prevention Concerns for Positive People

Sex and Sense: BBC Media Review (PDF)

Sex and Sexual Function (PDF)

Sex and Sexuality Slide Sets

Sex and sin (PDF)

Sex Drive/Sexual Desire In formation

Sex Education and Sexuality Education Information

Sex in Islam: Its Role and Purpose (PDF)

Sex Slang

Sex Surveys, Sex Data

Sex Toys

Sex, Gender, and Health: the Need for a New Approach (PDF)

Sex, Sexuality Bibliographies

Sexual Assault Issues

Sexual Behavior And Decision Making Among Married Muslim Women (PDF)

Sexual Behavior at the Millennium (PDF)

Sexual Behavior in Britain: Partnerships, Practices, and HIV Risk Behaviors (PDF)

Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (PDF)

Sexual Behaviour And Its Medicalisation (PDF)

Sexual Behaviour: Related Adverse Health Burden in the United States (PDF)

Sexual Cultures in Europe: National Histories (PDF)

Sexual Dysfunction, Sexual Problems

Sexual Health

Sexual Health and Physicians (PDF)

Sexual History Taking

Sexual Perversion (PDF)

Sexual Stimulation (PDF)

Sexual Terminology Handout (PDF)

Sexual Trauma Associated with Fisting and Recreational Drugs (PDF)

Sexual Variations (PDF)

Sexuality and Disabled Parents with Disabled Children (PDF)

Sexuality and Medicine

Sexuality and the Internet

Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S. (SIECUS)

Sexuality Later in Life (PDF)

Sexuality, Contraception, and the Media (PDF)

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexwise Guide (English and Non-English versions)

Spirituality and Sexuality

Surgeon General's Call to Action to Promote Sexual Health and Responsible Sexual Behavior (PDF)

Thai Views Of Sexuality And Sexual Behaviour (PDF)

The Accuracy of Reported Sensitive Sexual Behavior in Britain: Exploring the Extent of Change 19902000 (PDF)

The Big Ohhhhh (PDF)

The Female Orgasm: A Male Perspective (PDF)

The Joy of Erotic Massage (PDF)

The National Strategy for Sexual Health and HIV (UK) (PDF)

The Normality of Sexual Fantasies (PDF)

Together Sex: The Playful Couple's Key To Enjoying Swinging (PDF)


Unprotected Sex (PDF)



Why Have Sex? (PDF)

Women, Sex, Sexual Issues, Sexuality





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