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Erectile Dysfunction, Impotence


A 60-Year Old Man With Progressive Malaise, Fatigue and Decreased Libido (PDF)

ABC of Sexual Health:  Erectile Dysfunction (PDF)

Assessing Erectile Dysfunction in the Primary Care Setting (PDF)

Attitudes of Men with Erectile Dysfunction:  A Cross-National Survey (PDF)

Bicycling and Erectile Dysfunction

Central Mechanisms and Sexual Function:  Why Erections Are All About The Brain (PDF)

Communication About Erectile Dysfunction Among Men with ED, Partners of Men with ED, and Physicians:  The Strike Up a Conversation Study (Part I) (PDF)

Culture-bound Syndromes:  The Story of Dhat Syndrome (PDF)

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

Diagnosis and Investigation of Men with Erectile Dysfunction (PDF)

Effect of Testosterone Administration on Sexual Behavior and Mood in Men with Erectile Dysfunction (PDF)

Efficacy And Safety Of Sildenafil Citrate In The Treatment Of Men With Mild To Moderate Erectile Dysfunction (PDF)

Endocrinology and Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction) (PDF)

Erectile Dysfunction, Bicycling

Frequently Asked Questions About Tadalafil for Treating Men with Erectile Dysfunction (PDF)

Guideline for The Investigation and Management of Erectile Dysfunction (PDF)

Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction) (PDF)

Interactions Between Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction and Drugs for Cardiovascular Disease (PDF)

Interlinked Depression, Erectile Dysfunction, and Coronary Heart Disease Syndrome in Older Men:  A Triad Often Underdiagnosed (PDF)

International Society for Sexual and Impotence Research Conference Highlights (PDF)

It's Not Just Impotence!  Smoking Can Wreck and Prematurely Age Your Body Before It Kills You (PDF)

Malaysian Cultural Differences in Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Related to Erectile Dysfunction (PDF)

Penile Implants

Physiology of Penile Erection and Pathophysiology of Erectile Dysfunction (PDF)

Prevalence of Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Erectile Dysfunction (PDF)

Recreational Viagra Use and Sexual Risk among Drug Abusing Men (PDF)

Relationships between Erectile Dysfunction, Depression, and Anxiety in Japanese Subjects (PDF)

Sexual Satisfaction After Penile Prosthesis Insertion for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (PDF)

Sexual Terminology

Sexuality after Treatment for Early Prostate Cancer:  Exploring the Meanings of Erectile Dysfunction (PDF)

Shared Care Approach to the Management of Erectile Dysfunction in the Community (PDF)

Strategies in the Oral Pharmacotherapy of Male Erectile Dysfunction Viewed from Bench and Bedside (Part I) (PDF)

Testosterone Therapy in Erectile Dysfunction (PDF)

The Neuropathy of Erectile Dysfunction (PDF)

The Penis as a Barometer of Endothelial Health (PDF)

The Prevalence of Bother, Acceptance, and Need for Help in Men with Erectile Dysfunction (PDF)

The Relationship Between Depression and Erectile Dysfunction (PDF)

The Role of the Partner in Erectile Dysfunction and Its Treatment (PDF)

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in Patients with Peyronies Disease Using Sildenafil Citrate (PDF)

UK Management Guidelines For Erectile Dysfunction (PDF)

Urologist Recommends Daily Viagra To Prevent Impotence (PDF)

Vacuum Erection Device Use in Elderly Men:  A Possible Severe Complication (PDF)

Viagra (PDF)

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