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Sexual Assault, Rape, Sexual Abuse Resources


Adult Sexual Assault Examination (PDF)

Adult/Adolescent Sexual Assault Examination Form (PDF)

Adult/Adolescent Sexual Assault Examination Instructions (PDF)

Attitudes Toward Rape:Gender and Ethnic Differences Across Asian and Caucasian College Students (PDF)

Being Silenced:The Impact of Negative Social Reactions on the Disclosure of Rape (PDF)

Beyond Belief:Police, Rape and Women's Credibility (PDF)

Blind Reporting of Sexual Violence (PDF)

California Medical Protocol for Examination of Sexual Assault and Child Sexual Abuse Victims (PDF)

Campus Sexual Assault:How Americas Institutions Of Higher Education Respond (PDF)

Care of the Adolescent Sexual Assault Victim (PDF)

Care of the Female Adolescent Rape Victim (PDF)

Child Sexual Abuse

Acquaintance Sexual Assault, Rape, Sexual Abuse

Prevention of Sexual Assault, Rape, Sexual Abuse

Coping with Rape and Sexual Assault (PDF)

Covert Cultural Sexual Abuse of Gay Male Teenagers Contributing to Etiology of Sexual Addiction (PDF)

Date Rape, Dating Violence

Demographics, Sexual Behaviour, Family Background and Abuse Experiences of Practitioners of Sadomasochistic Sex:A Review of Recent Research (PDF)

Development of Sexually Abusive Behavior in Sexually Victimized Males (PDF)

Drink Spiking

Drug-facilitated Sexual Assault (PDF)

Dynamics of Sexual Assault (PDF)

Early Sexual Experiences:How Voluntary?How Violent? (PDF)

Effects of Early Sexual Abuse on Later Sexual Victimization Among Female Homeless and Runaway Adolescents (PDF)

Evaluation of Three Rapid Detection Methods for the Forensic Identification of Seminal Fluid in Rape Cases (PDF)

Examination For Sexual Assault:Is The Documentation Of Physical Injury Associated With The Laying Of Charges (PDF)

Felony Sexual Assault Arrests in Hawai'i (PDF)

Genital Anatomy in Pregnant Adolescents:Normal Does Not Mean Nothing Happened (PDF)

Genital Injuries Following Sexual Assault of Women with and without Prior Sexual Intercourse Experience (PDF)

Genital Injuries in Sexual Assault Victims (PDF)

Glossary of Sexual Violence Terms (PDF)

Greater Rape Intervention Project (PDF)

Guidelines for Medico Legal Care of Victims of Sexual Violence (PDF)

Health-Related Quality of Life and Symptom Profiles of Female Survivors of Sexual Abuse (PDF)

HIV Prophylaxis After Sexual Assault

Issues and Dynamics of Sexually Assaulted Adolescents and Their Families (PDF)

Legal Process and Victims of Rape (PDF)

Lifetime Prevalence, Characteristics, And Associated Problems Of Non-Consensual Sex In Men (PDF)

Making Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Services Accessible (PDF)

Making The Decision To Care:Guys And Sexual Assault (PDF)

Male Rape Victims

Management of Acute Adult Sexual Assault (PDF)

Management of Adult Victims of Sexual Assault (UK) (PDF)

Management of People Who Have Been Raped (PDF)

Management of People Who Have Been Raped:Needs Special Expertise, and More of It (PDF)

Marital Rape (PDF)

MDs Gentle Approach Eases Trauma of Sexual Abuse (PDF)

Media Coverage of Child Sexual Abuse:An Opportunity for Family Therapists to Help Families and Communities (PDF)

No Means No (PDF)

Percent Whose First Intercourse Was Not Voluntary (PDF)

Prophylaxis Following Sexual Assault (PowerPoint Slide Set)

Prosecuting Sexual Assault:A Comparison of Charging Decisions in Sexual Assault Cases Involving Strangers, Acquaintances, and Intimate Partners (PDF)

Prospective Prediction of Women's Sexual Victimization by Intimate and Non-intimate Male Perpetrators (PDF)

Psychological Consequences of Sexual Assault Among Female Attenders at a Genitourinary Medicine Clinic (PDF)

Rape and Sexual Assault:Reporting to Police and Medical Attention, 1992-2000 (PDF)

Rape in U.S. States Reports, 2003

Recognizing Sexual Trauma In Women With Chronic Pelvic Pain (PDF)

Recovering from Sexual Assault (PDF)

Registered Sex Offenders in Hawai'i:A Statistical Profile (PDF)

Reporting Sexual Assault to the Police in Hawai'i (PDF)

Resistance to Sexual Assault:Who Resists and What Happens? (PDF)

Sex Abuse and Technology

Sex Abuse Treatment Center, Honolulu, Hawai'i

Sex Differences in Rape Reporting (PDF)

Sex Offender Information

Sexual Abuse--Bibliography (2000) (PDF)

Sexual Assault and the Adolescent (PDF)

Sexual Assault is About Power, Control and Anger (PDF)

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Programs (PDF)

Sexual Assault Post Exposure:Putting Policy into Action (PDF)

Sexual Assault Survivors (PDF)

Sexual Assault Victim-Offender Age Relationships (PDF)

Sexual Assault Victims in Honolulu:A Statistical Profile (PDF)

Sexual Assault, Rape, Drugs and Alcohol

Sexual Assault:The Role of Prior Relationship and Victim Characteristics in Case Processing (PDF)

Sexual Coercion and Reproductive Health (PDF)

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence--Bibliography (2000) (PDF)

Sexual Victimization of College Women (PDF)

Similarities and Differences In Women's Sexual Assault Experiences Based On Tactics Used By The Perpetrator (PDF)

Statutory Rape

Study Reveals Unique Issues Faced by Deaf Victims of Sexual Assault (PDF)

Survivors Of Sexual Abuse:Clinical, Lifestyle And Reproductive Consequences (PDF)

The Epidemiology of Female Rape Victims Who Seek Immediate Medical Care:Temporal Trends in the Incidence of Sexual Assault and Acquaintance Rape (PDF)

The Torch, New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault Periodical

Use of the Internet to Facilitate Sexual Assault of Adolescent and Adults (PDF)

Vicarious Trauma:A Comparison of Clinicians Who Treat Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Offenders (PDF)

Was It Rape:An Examination of Sexual Assault Statistics (PDF)

What Every Law Enforcement Officer Should Know About DNA Evidence (PDF)

Why Don't More Women Report Sexual Assault To The Police? (PDF)

Women, Rape and the Police Reporting Process (PDF)

Womenís and Menís Fear of Gang Crimes:Sexual and Nonsexual Assault as Perceptually Contemporaneous Offenses (PDF)

Women's Responses To Unwanted Sexual Advances:The Role Of Alcohol and Inhibition Conflict (PDF)





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