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Sexual Dysfunction, Sexual Problems


ABC of Sexual Health:  Sexual Problems of Disabled Patients (PDF)

An Experimental Study of Sexual Function Improving Effect of Myristica Fragrans Houtt (Nutmeg) (PDF)

Atypical Sexual Behavior During Sleep (PDF)

Characteristics and Behaviors of Sexual Compulsives Who Use the Internet for Sexual Purposes (PDF)

Characteristics of 36 Subjects Reporting Compulsive Sexual Behavior (PDF)

Chronic Illness and Sexual Functioning (PDF)

Clinical Evaluation and Management Strategy for Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women (PDF)

Consideration of a Spiritual Role in Sex and Sex Therapy (PDF)

Demographics, Sexual Behaviour, Family Background and Abuse Experiences of Practitioners of Sadomasochistic Sex:  A Review of Recent Research (PDF)

Disclosing Secrets:  Guidelines for Therapists Working with Sex Addicts and Co-addicts (PDF)

Emotions During Sexual Activity:  Differences Between Sexually Functional and Dysfunctional Men and Women (PDF)

Epidemiology/Risk Factors of Sexual Dysfunction (PDF)


Fundamental Misapprehensions of the History of Sodomy Laws (amicus brief) (PDF)Female Sexual Dysfunction Issues, Women's Sexual Problems

How Smoking Can Affect Your Sexual Health, Non-English Brochures

Hypersexual Disorder and Preoccupation with Internet Pornography (PDF)

Male Sexual Dysfunction Issues, Men's Sexual Problems

Managing Intersex (PDF)

Ones Hot, Ones Not, Oh-oh, Now What (PDF)

Sex Drive/Sexual Desire In formation

Sexsomnia:  A New Parasomnia (PDF)

Sexual Addiction versus Sexual Anorexia and the Church's Impact (PDF)

Sexual Assault Issues

Sexual Disabilities are Not Singularities (PDF)

Sexual Dysfunction In Patients Taking Conventional Antipsychotic Medication (PDF)

Sexual Dysfunction with Protease Inhibitors (PDF)

Sexual Function Problems And Help Seeking Behaviour In Britain (PDF)

Sexual Medicine and Sexology for Sexual Dysfunction (PDF)

Sexual Terminology

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Syndromes of Abnormal Sex Differentiation (PDF)

The Internet Sex Screening Test:  A Comparison of Sexual Compulsives Versus Non-Sexual Compulsives (PDF)





Sex and Drugs

Sex Surveys, Sex Data

Sexually Transmitted Diseases




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