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Sex Education and Sexuality Education Information


Adolescent Sexuality

Being Open with Your Mouth Shut: the Meaning of Openness in Family Communication About Sexuality (PDF)

Beyond the Birds and the Bees: Constituting A Discourse of Erotics in Sexuality Education (PDF)

But Does It Work: Improving Evaluations of Sexuality Education (PDF)

Can the Mass Media Be Healthy Sex Educators (PDF)

Changing Times: Information about Puberty for Boys and Girls (PDF)

Child Sexual Behavior Inventory: A Dutch-speaking Normative Sample (PDF)

Common Questions About Sexual Health Education (PDF)


Delivering the Full Message: Sex Education For Boys (PDF)

Developing Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education (PDF)

Does Sex Education Work? (PDF)

Effects of a Parent-Child Communications Intervention on Young Adolescents Risk for Early Onset of Sexual Intercourse (PDF)

Female Reproductive Anatomy (PDF)

Filling the Gaps: Hard-to-Teach Topics in Sexuality Education (PDF)

Gender Differences In The Developing Sexual Values And Attitudes Of Primary School Children (PDF)

Hands on! A Manual for Working with Youth on Sexual and Reproductive Health (PDF)

How To Be A Better Lover (PDF)

How To Be A Better Lover (Spanish) (PDF)

How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex (PDF)

Improving Comfort About Sex Communication Between Parents and Their Adolescents (PDF)

In the Eyes of the Beholder: Student Interpretations of Sexuality Lessons (PDF)

Issues and Answers: Fact Sheet on Sexuality Education (PDF)

Let's Talk About Sex (PDF)

Limits of Teacher Delivered Sex Education: Interim Behavioural Outcomes from Randomised Trial (PDF)

Lower-Income Parents on Teaching and Talking With Children About Sexual Issues (PDF)

Naturally Clean and Wholesome: Women, Sex Education, and the United States Public Health Service, 19181928 (PDF)

Normative Sexual Behavior in Children: A Contemporary Sample (PDF)

Parent/Community Sex Education Survey (PDF)

Parent-Child Communication: Promoting Sexually Healthy Youth (PDF)

Promotion of Sexual Health (PDF)

Reproductive Anatomy of the Human Male (PDF)

Researching Young People's Sexuality and Learning About Sex: Experience, Need, and Sex and Relationship Education (PDF)

Resources Evaluating Sexuality Programs (PDF)

Safer Sex Guidelines (PDF)

Sex and Sexual Relationships: A Booklet for Young People (PDF)

Sex Ed 101 (PDF)

Sex Education Bibliographies

Sex Education Curriculum

Sex Education in America: A View from Inside the Nation's Classrooms--Charts (PDF)

Sex Education in America: A View from Inside the Nation's Classrooms--Report (PDF)

Sex Education in the US: Policy and Politics (PDF)

Sex Education Lesson Plans

Sex Education, the Sexual Revolution, and the Sixties (PDF)

Sex Education: Politicians, Parents, Teachers and Teens, 2001 (PDF)

Sex Education: The Issues When Working with Boys (PDF)

Sex in the 90s: 1998 National Survey of Americans on Sex and Sexual Health (PDF)

Sex Instruction and the Construction of Homosexuality in New Zealand, 19201965 (PDF)

Sexual and Reproductive Health Education and Services for Adolescents (PDF)

Sexual Terminology

Sexual Terminology Handout (PDF)

Sexuality Education for Children and Youth with Disabilities (PDF)

Sexuality Education Programs: Definitions & Point-by-Point Comparison (PDF)

Sexuality Education Resources for Professionals (PDF)

Sexuality Education: How Children of Lesbian Mothers Learn About Sexuality (PDF)

Sexuality in Middle and Later Life--Fact Sheet (2002) (PDF)

Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S. (SIECUS)

Sexuality, Poverty and the Inner City (PDF)

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually Transmitted Infections: Briefing Kit For Teachers 2001 (MS Word)

Sexwise Guide (English and Non-English versions)

Should We Teach Only Abstinence in Sexuality Education (PDF)

SIECUS Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education (PDF)

State-Level Policies on Sexuality, STD Education, 2001 (PDF)

Strategies to Build Support for HIV-Prevention and Sexuality Education Programs--Fact Sheet (1997) (PDF)

Substance Use and Risky Sexual Behavior Survey Snapshot (PDF)

Talking About Homosexuality in the Secondary School (PDF)

Talking About Sex: Religion and Patterns of Parent-Child Communication about Sex and Contraception (PDF)

Talking About Sexual and Gender Orientation (PDF)

Talking Parents, Healthy Teens: A Worksite-based Program for Parents to Promote Adolescent Sexual Health (PDF)

Talking with your 8- to 15-year-Old About Sexuality (PDF)

Talking with your Preteen About Sexuality (PDF)

Talking with your Young Child About Sexuality (PDF)

Teaching About Responsible Choices For Sexual Health (PDF)

Teaching Our Teachers to Teach (PDF)

The Big Ohhhhh (PDF)

The Demography of Sexual Behavior (PDF)

The Trouble of Teen Sex: the Construction of Adolescent Sexuality Through School-Based Sexuality Education (PDF)

Things Girls Shouldn't See: Relocating the Penis in Sex Education in Hong Kong (PDF)

Time To Talk About Sex (PDF)

What Really Matters in Family Communication About Sexuality: A Qualitative Analysis of Affect and Style Among African American Mothers and Adolescent Daughters (PDF)

Your Child's Sexuality: Questions and Answers (PDF)





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