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Sexual Terminology—A

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66slang for anal sex

68slang for cunnilingus or fellatio (you do me, and I'll owe you one)

69 + 2 = 71slang for fellatio

69slang for simultaneous cunnilingus and fellatio between heterosexual partners; simultaneous fellatio of both gay partners; or simultaneous cunnilingus of both lesbian partners


Abortionmedical procedure that ends a pregnancy

AbstinenceNot engaging in sexual activity.

AC/DC—slang for bisexuality

achluophilialove of darkness

acid—lysergic acid diethylamide, a powerful hallucinogenic drug (lsd. )

acomocliticpreference for hairless genitals

Acquaintance RapeWhen a person uses force or threat of force to sexually violate someone he or she knows.  Also known as Date Rape


Adam—slang for ecstasy

afterglow—the pleasant feeling experienced after sex

agamic—asexual; parthenogenic

Age of Consent—when a person is legally able to consent to sexual activity.  Depending on the state, it varies between 14 and 18 years of age.

agenobiosis—married couple who consent to live together without sex


agoraphilia—arousal from open spaces or having sex in public places

airhead—a silly or unintelligent person.

alky, alkies—an alcoholic.

all the wayslang for sexual intercourse

alphabetizingslang for cunnilingus

Altoids—breath mint that people believe provides extra pleasure when engaging in fellatio

Amenifo (Chuuk)—clitoris

Amenorrhea—Occurs when menstrual periods stop for some reason.  Primary amenorrhea is when a woman has never had a period, and secondary amenorrhea is when a woman has been having periods and they stop.  May be due to intense exercise, low body fat, eating disorders or as a side effect of birth control.

anal beads—string of beads inserted into the anus and usually pulled out during orgasm

Anal Play—stimulating or penetrating the anus for sexual pleasure.

Anal SexAnalinctus.  Insertion of the penis or another body part or object into the anus

analinctus -- anal sex

analingus—oral-anal kissing or licking

androgengroup of hormones, of which testosterone is one, that affect physical development, sexual desire and behavior.

androgyny—having both male and female characteristics

animal play—when one or both partners pretend to be an animal (ex—dog, horse) in sexual role playing.

Anna palmslang for masturbation

anorgasmiathe inability to achieve orgasm.

aphrodisiac—something that is supposed to cause sexual arousal in a person.

areola—darker area of the skin surrounding the nipples on both male and female breasts.

argy-bargy, argy bargies—a lively or disputatious discussion.

around the worldslang for licking and/or kissing the anus:  analingus

arrowslang for penis

arse—1. Buttocks.  2. Anus  3. Sexual intercourse.

artichoke—vulva.  Refers to both appearance (the leaves imply the labia) and edibility.

asceticism—religious self-denial often including celibacy

asphyxiaphilia—arousal from lack of oxygen

ass—slang for anus, buttocks or rectum

ass fucking—slang for anal sex

ass holeslang for anus/rectum

ass licking—slang for oral sex that may include licking, kissing or sucking on the anus.

ass peddlerslang for a pimp or sex industry worker (prostitute)

ass screwing—slang for anal sex

athletic supporter—underclothing designed to hold a male's testicles and penis close to the body when exercising or participating in sports.  Also called an jock strap.

auto-erotic strangulation—strangulating oneself for increased sexual stimulation.  The practice is supposed to increase orgasm intensity:  potentially deadly practice.


auto-fellatioman performing fellatio on himself.  .

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