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Sexual Terminology--B

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baby makerslang for semen

baby-boxslang for uterus

back door—slang for anal sex or anus/rectum

back door Charlieslang for anal sex

backseat rollslang for sexual intercourse

backstrokeslang for masturbation

bacterial vaginosisThe most common vaginal infection in women and is sometimes accompanied by discharge, odor, pain or burning.  Bacterial vaginosis develops when there is an imbalance in the bacterial normally found in the vagina, sometimes triggered by sexual intercourse.  It can cause serious complications during pregnancy and is cured by taking antimicrobials.

bagslang for scrotum/testicles

bag lunchslang for cunnilingus

bag of ballsslang for testicles

bahama mammasslang for female breasts


balloon knot—slang for anus

balloonsslang for female breasts

ballslang for sexual intercourse

balls—slang for testicles

balls eyeslang for sexual intercourse

balmy—eccentric in behavior.

baloneyslang for a large penis

bambooslang for penis

baming your wang with the rest of the gangslang for masturbation

bananaslang for penis

banana in the pocketslang for erection

bang the boxslang for sexual intercourse

bang the hell out of itslang for sexual intercourse

bang your brains outslang for sexual intercourse

banging—slang for sexual intercourse

banging bonesslang for sexual intercourse

banging your beaverslang for sexual intercourse

bankslang for female genitals.  From depositing ejaculate into

bank and biff—rhyming slang term for syphillis, where biff rhymes with syph, a common abbreviation for syphillis.

barebackslang for having sex without a condom, used predominantly for anal sex

Basesslang expression that refers to baseball and how far two people have gone sexually.  Typically first base refers to kissing, second based refers to touching a girl’s breasts, sloppy second refers to touching a girl’s breasts with the mouth, third base refers to touching each other’s genitals or oral sex and fourth base or a home run refers to sexual intercourse.

bawagosslang for female breasts

bazongoesslang for female breasts

bazookasslang for female breasts

bazoomsslang for female breasts

bazoosslang for female breasts

BDSM—Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism.  Sexual practices that involve restraint and inflicting pain.

beadslang for clitoris

beading—a string of beads inserted into the rectum and withdrawn for sexual gratification

beamersslang for female breasts

beanslang for clitoris

bean wigglingslang for female masturbation

bearded clam—slang for a vagina

beast with two backs—slang for sexual intercourse

beat your meatslang for masturbation

beating offslang for masturbation

beating the bishop—slang for male masturbation.

beaver—slang for a vagina

beaver cleaver—the penis.

beaver dinnerslang for cunnilingus

bee stingsslang for female breasts

beefslang for penis

beef bayonet—the penis.

beef curtains—the labia; the folds of tissue of the female external genitalia.

beef stickslang for penis

being a manslang for sexual intercourse

being in the saddleslang for sexual intercourse, usually a person on top

being taken out to lunchslang for cunnilingus

belly dancingslang for sexual intercourse

benny, bennies—an amphetamine tablet taken as a stimulant.

bent—slang for male homosexual

Ben-Wa ballstwo balls of weighted plastic or steel, approximately one inch in diameter, placed in the vagina to create a sensation as a woman moves.

bestialitysexual interest in or sexual acts with animals; zoophilia.

bicycle—slang for bisexuality

biddy—a woman, usually an old one.

big bad Johnslang for penis

big brown eyesslang for female breasts

big fattyslang for penis

big fellaslang for penis

big ten-inchslang for penis

bi-genderedslang for gender neutral person or person who exhibits masculine and feminine characteristics

Bilot—slang for a vagina

binary gender systemculturally defined code of acceptable behaviors which teach that there are men (masculine) and women (feminine), and that there is nothing outside this system.

bindingtaping or compressing breasts so that a woman can pass as a man

bingoslang for sexual intercourse

biphobiafear of or disliking bisexuals

bird—slang for penis or a young woman

bird dogginslang for sexual intercourse

bird lickerslang for cunnilingus

birdie—slang for penis

birds and beessexual intercourse

birth canal—slang for vagina

bisexual—someone who is interested in sex with both men and women.

bite the brown—slang for licking and/or kissing the anus, analingus

biting flaps—slang for cunnilingus

BJ—slang for fellatio

black triangle—a symbol in the shape of an inverted triangle adopted by lesbian culture in remembrance of the lesbians who were forced to wear a black triangle and were killed by the nazis in europe.

bleed the lizard—slang for masturbation

blinkers—slang for female breasts

block—slang for hymen

bloke—slang for a man

Blood hound—A man who will, or likes to have vaginal intercourse or oral sex with a woman who is menstruating.

bloodsports—slang for BDSM practice that involves blood, including cutting and piercing

blow—slang for fellatio

blow a load—slang for orgasm

blow job—slang for fellatio

blow out—slang for fellatio

blowin' a load—slang for sexual intercourse

blue cow—slang for penis

blueballs—1.  apocryphal condition when a man has not had sex in a long time.  2.  when a man has an erection for a long time without ejaculating.  Perceived to produce a swollen, painful feeling in the testicles. 

bobambas—slang for female breasts

bodacious tatas—slang for female breasts

body fluid monogamy—when you and your partner agree to use condoms when having sex with other partners, but don’t use condoms when having sex with each other.

Boffing or boff—slang for sexual intercourse

boink—slang for sexual intercourse

bologna pony—slang for penis

bombs—slang for female breasts

bone dancing—slang for sexual intercourse

bone—slang for penis

boner—slang for erection

bonking your bologna—slang for masturbation

boobs—slang for woman’s breasts

booby, boobies—slang for a woman's breasts

Boo-foo—slang for anal sex

boogie—slang for sexual intercourse

boogie button—slang for clitoris

boom-boom—slang for sexual intercourse

booty bumps—anal injection of drugs, frequently, crystal meth.  Can cause serious damage to anal tissue and membranes, and can lead to intestinal cramping, bowel problems.  Increased risk of HIV, STDs, hepatitis B from anal tissue damage.

booty or bootey—slang for buttocks, anus or rectum

bop the bologna—slang for masturbation

bopping—slang for sexual intercourse

bopping your bishop—slang for masturbation

bosooms—slang for female breasts

Boston marriage—used primarily in nineteenth century New England to refer to two women who live together for an extended period of time. 

Boto—slang for penis

bottom—1. The person who is penetrated during anal sex, usually referring to gay males.  Opposite of top.  2. The submissive person in BDSM activity.

bottom rocker—slang for penis

bottom surgery"below the waist", to either create a vagina (for a male-to-female, MTF) or a penis and testicles (for a female-to-male, FTM)

boulders—slang for female breasts, or testicles

bouncing bellies—slang for sexual intercourse

box—slang for a vagina

box lunch at the "Y"—slang for cunnilingus

box lunch—slang for a vagina or for cunnilingus

boy toy—slang for male sex industry worker (prostitute)

Boydykefemale bodied person who expresses and/or presents culturally/stereotypically masculine, particularly boyish, characteristics.  Also, one who enjoys being perceived as a young male (passing).

bozack—slang for penis

bozooms—slang for woman’s breasts

brains—slang for penis

Break off a lil sumpthin or sumpthin—slang for sexual intercourse

breath play—restricting airflow by suffocation, strangulation, or other means for sexual stimulation.

breathing through your ears—slang for fellatio

breeders—slang for heterosexual

bride's gift—slang for hymen

bride's proof (or pride)—slang for hymen

bring the log to the beaver—slang for sexual intercourse

Bristols (English)—slang for female breasts

broad—slang for a woman or girl

brothel—business where sex industry worker (prostitute) offer sexual services for money.

brown canal—slang for anus

brown dirt road—slang for anal sex

brown eye—slang for anus/rectum

brown suckies—slang for female breasts

Bubas—slang for woman’s breasts

bubatoes—slang for female breasts

Bubba—slang for penis

Buchetta—slang for female homosexual

bucking—slang for sexual intercourse

bud—slang for clitoris

buddy boothstall in an adult video store for viewing and/or interaction with the person in an adjacent booth

buff the helmet—slang for fellatio

buffing the knob—slang for fellatio

buffing the purple helmet—slang for masturbation

bufu—slang for anal sex

bugger—slang for anal sex

buggering—slang for anal sex

bukkake—Pornographic movie genre where many men ejaculate on the face of an actress.  See also facial.

bull dyke—slang for female homosexual

bull-dog—slang for penis

bull—slang for female homosexual

bump and grind—slang for sexual intercourse

bumpin' fuzzies—slang for sexual intercourse

bumpin’ rugs—slang for sexual intercourse

bumpinuglies—slang for sexual intercourse

bumping—slang for sexual intercourse

bumping pretties—slang for sexual intercourse

bum—slang for anus or buttocks

bun—1. one of the buttocks.  often used in the plural.  2. a drunken spree.

bung hole—slang for anus/rectum

bung holing—slang for anal sex

bunghole—the anus.

bunkey—slang for anus/rectum

buns in the oven—slang for sexual intercourse

buns—slang for buttocks

bups—slang for female breasts

burger feast or fest—slang for cunnilingus

burn—slang for herpes

burp the worm—slang for masturbation

bury cable—slang for sexual intercourse

bury the bologna—slang for sexual intercourse

bury the bone, hot dog, weenie—slang for sexual intercourse

bury the hatchet where it won't rust—slang for sexual intercourse

bush—slang for pubic hair

bush diving—slang for sexual intercourse

bush doctor—slang for cunnilingus

bust a nut—slang for orgasm, to have sexual intercourse.

bust one—slang for orgasm

buster (as in "bust her hymen")—slang for hymen

busting guts—slang for sexual intercourse

busts—slang for female breasts

butch—slang for a person who expresses and/or presents culturally/stereotypically masculine characteristics.  Can be a positive or negative connotation.  Also female homosexual

butt—slang for buttocks

butt fucking—slang for anal sex

butt hole—slang for anus/rectum

butt plug—a sex toy designed for anal penetration that has a flared base.  Usually smaller than a typical dildo and not shaped like a penis.

butt screwing—slang for anal sex

butt whacks—anal injection of drugs, frequently, crystal meth.  Can cause serious damage to anal tissue and membranes, and can lead to intestinal cramping, bowel problems.  Increased risk of HIV, STDs, hepatitis B from anal tissue damage.

butterfly flick—slang for fellatio

button—slang for clitoris

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