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Sexual Terminology--C

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C spot—slang for clitoris

ca-ca—slang for penis

cadillac bumper bullets—slang for female breasts

cahones—slang for testicles

cake hole—slang for the mouth

camel toe—seeing a woman’s labia when she wears tight pants or shorts

can—slang for anus/rectum

caning—whipping with a switch or cane for sexual stimulation

cannon—slang for penis

cans—slang for female breasts

carnal knowledge—slang for sexual intercourse

carpet muncher—slang for a person who performs cunnilingus or a lesbian

carpet munching—slang for cunnilingus

casabas—slang for female breasts

castrate—removing the testicles; or testicles and penis

Catamite—male homosexual

catch the weasel—slang for sexual intercourse

catching a nut—slang for masturbation

catching scootie—slang for sexual intercourse

cat—slang for a vagina

catted, catting—slang for looking for sexual partners or having an affair

cave explorer—slang for penis

CD (Cross dresser)person who dresses in a manner usually associated with the opposite sex

celibacyAbstinence from sexual intercourse, especially for reason of religious vows.

centerfold—oversized photographic insert in a magazine, usually of a nude or partially nude person, or the subject of such a photograph

Cervical Cap—small, plastic or rubber cup that covers the cervix to prevent sperm from entering the uterus. Also known as a barrier method, it is used with spermicide. It is 80-91% effective at preventing pregnancy and must be prescribed by a health care provider.  It does not prevent sexually transmitted infections.

Cesarean Birth (C-Section)surgical procedure that removes a baby from a woman's uterus by cutting open her abdomen. 

chagie—slang for penis

Chastity Belts—Leather or metal belts used to prevent genital penetration.

chastity checker—slang for hymen

check the oil—slang for masturbation

checking the mike—slang for fellatio

cheeks—slang for buttocks

cherry—slang for hymen

cherry flip—slang for cunnilingus

chest—slang for female breasts

chew toy—slang for penis

chewing bubble gum—slang for cunnilingus

Chi chi's—slang for woman’s breasts

chicken choker—slang for a person who masturbates

chicken—slang for a young gay male, especially one who is sought by an older man

chick—slang for a girl or young woman

choad—1.  slang for penis.  2.  A penis that is wider than it is long.

chocolate cave—slang for anal sex

chocolate friend—slang for anus/rectum

chocolate hole—slang for anus/rectum

chocolate job—slang for licking and/or kissing the anus, analingus

chocolate road—slang for anus/rectum

chocolate starfish—slang for anus.  Sometimes used in a derogatory way against gay people.

chocolate tunnel—slang for anus/rectum

chocolate way—slang for anal sex

choking—slang for fellatio

choking the chicken—slang for masturbation

chomp the chicken—slang for fellatio

chow box—slang for cunnilingus

chow down—slang for cunnilingus

chow or chowing box—slang for cunnilingus

chowing—slang for cunnilingus

Chrissy—slang for methamphetamine

chubby—slang for penis

chuberteens—slang for female breasts

chub—slang for penis

Chulo—slang for anus/buttocks

circle jerk—slang for group masturbation, predominantly male

circumcisionremoving the foreskin of the penis, usually done to infants. 

clam—slang for a vagina

clam dinner—slang for cunnilingus

clap—slang for gonorrhea

clean—slang for not having a sexually transmitted disease, especially HIV/AIDS.

clean the carpet—slang for cunnilingus

cleaning the pipesslang term for male masturbation.

cleaning your head—slang for fellatio or cunnilingus

clickie—slang for clitoris

climax—orgasm or semen

clit—slang for clitoris

clocked (getting read)—slang for being detected as a cross-dresser.

closed/exclusive relationship—sexual relationship in which the partners agree to have no other lovers outside of the relationship.

closeted—person who is not open about his or her sexual orientation.  Usually:  "in the closet."

cluster fuck—slang for group sex

cock—slang for penis

cock ring—device—such as a rubber band or a leather strap—placed at the base of an erect penis in order to restrict blood flow and maintain an erection.

cock snot—slang for semen

cock sucking—slang for fellatio

cock tease—slang for person who arouses hope, desire, or curiosity in a man without allowing satisfaction

cockpit—slang for vagina

coconuts—slang for testicles

cojanes—slang for testicles

coitussexual intercourse that involves man putting his penis in a woman's vagina.

coitus interruptus—removing the penis from the vagina before a man ejaculates as a form of contraception; pulling out.

come—slang for semen; sometimes spelled cum.  Also, to have an orgasm

come to daddy—slang for sexual intercourse

coming down on it—slang for sexual intercourse

coming outdeciding to acknowledge ones sexuality to people

coming—slang for orgasm

commerce—slang for sexual intercourse

Commitment Ceremony—ritual, religious or secular, for honoring the union of lesbian or gay male couples.

condom—sheath placed over the erect penis during sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy and the transmission of disease by forming a barrier and capturing the semen.  Condoms are usually made of latex but sometimes are made of polyurethane or animal skin.

condom commitment—an agreement among all the members of an open sexual relationship group that all partners be tested for sexually transmitted infections, and that condoms be used with any lovers outside of the group.

cones—slang for female breasts

congress—slang for sexual intercourse

connexion—slang for sexual intercourse

consensual extramarital sexsexual experiences engaged in by a married person with the consent and agreement of the spouse.

consummate—slang for sexual intercourse

coo—slang for anus/buttocks

cooch—slang for vagina.

coochy kiss—slang for cunnilingus

cookie—slang for the vulva.

cooking—slang for sexual intercourse

coolers—slang for testicles

coolies—slang for testicles

cooligans—slang for testicles

cooter—slang for vagina.

cooyons—slang for testicles

coprophagia—eating feces

coprophiliasexual interest in feces

copulationsexual intercourse

corn hole—slang for anus/rectum

corn holing—slang for anal sex

corralling the tadpole—slang for masturbation

corsetting—using corsets for body modification or oxygen restriction.

corundum column—slang for penis

costumes—dress-up clothes for sexual fantasy play.

cowgirl—slang for a sexual position where a person sits upon a reclining man

Cowper's Glands—A pair of glands in the male, responsible for secreting the fluid that makes up pre-ejaculate (pre-cum).

COYOTEacronym for 'Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics', a lobbying group founded by Margot St. James urging the decriminalization of prostitution.  It provides services to prostitutes nationwide.

crabs—slang for Pubic Lice, Scabies, Pediculosis Pubis (crab lice)

crack—slang for anus/rectum

crank—slang for methamphetamine

crank craters—sores on your face caused by methamphetamine

crapper—slang for anus/rectum or for a  toilet.

cream—slang for semen, ejaculate

cream your pants—slang for orgasm

creep—an unpleasant or repulsive person.

crocked—Intoxicated; drunk.

cross-dressing (Also Transvestite, Transvestitism)person who wears the clothing considered typical for another gender on occasion, but does not desire to change their gender.

cross-livingcross-dressing full-time (which is also referred to as 24/7), and living as the gender which you perceive yourself to be.

crushing—fetish where someone steps on food, insects, or even small animals for sexual pleasure.

crystal—slang for methamphetamine

cucumber—slang for penis

cuddle-my-cuddle—slang for sexual intercourse

cum—slang for  semen; sometimes spelled come.  Also, to have an orgasm

cum bath—to pull out of a partner's vagina or anus right before ejaculation and instead cover the partner with sperm

cum blankettowel favored by a man to wipe his semen on after masturbating

cum bucketslang for 1.  sexually promiscuous person.  2.  partner’s belly button (i.e., collects semen)

cum chugger—person who engages in a lot of fellatio

cum guzzling—slang for fellatio

cunnilingusoral sex performed on a woman; i.e., licking the clitoris of a woman to produce an orgasm.

cunt—slang for vagina, usually used disparagingly

cunt sucking—slang for cunnilingus

cup cakes—slang for female breasts

cushions—slang for female breasts

cut—slang for circumcised penis.  Opposite of uncut

cut loose—slang for orgasm

cutting the carpet—slang for cunnilingus

cyber—slang for to engage in cybersex

cybersex—self sexual stimulation while communicating on the Internet when chatting (on message boards).

Cyclops—slang for penis

Cyst—fluid-filled growth on or in the body.

Cystitiscommon inflammation of the bladder or urethra in women or men caused by an infection or irritation which may be quite painful.  'Honeymoon cystitis' may occur when a woman begins to engage in frequent sexual intercourse.  A typical symptom is the frequent urge to urinate although little urine is passed.  Care by a medical professional is advised.

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