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Sexual Terminology--E

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E—slang for ecstasy

eagle wings—when a woman's legs are spread wide open during sex, especially when she received oral sex.

eat—slang for cunnilingus or fellatio

eat cunt—slang for cunnilingus

eat meat—slang for cunnilingus

eat my giblets—slang for slang for cunnilingus

eat off—slang for fellatio

eat out—slang for cunnilingus or fellatio

eat pussy—slang for cunnilingus

eat squirrel—slang for cunnilingus

eat tuna—slang for cunnilingus

eating—slang for cunnilingus

eating a glazed donut—slang for cunnilingus

eating at the "Y"—slang for cunnilingus

eating at the crossroads—slang for cunnilingus

eating at the pussy palace—slang for cunnilingus

eating box—slang for cunnilingus

eating from the honey pot—slang for cunnilingus

eating fur pie—slang for cunnilingus

eating hair pie—slang for cunnilingus

eating out—slang for cunnilingus

eating pussy—slang for cunnilingus

eating sushi—slang for cunnilingus

eating the bearded clam—slang for cunnilingus

eating the vertical taco—slang for cunnilingus

eating-up—slang for fellatio

Ecchi(sometimes written "H") Japanese word for "pervert" (though the connotations are somewhat more mild--see Hentai).  Used by American fans to refer to anime and related sexually explicit art.  Properly written H and usually read "Ecchi."  The Japanese word for "pervert" is Hentai.  The Japanese sometimes abbreviate it as H, which is pronounced by the Japanese as "ecchi".

EDerectile dysfunction

edgeplaysexual practices involving pain.

effeminatea male who expresses and/or presents culturally/stereotypically feminine characteristics.  Usually used in a derogatory manner.

ejaculation—when a man expels semen from the penis during an orgasm

endometrial cancer—cancer of the uterus lining.

endometriumlining of the uterus that grows and sheds during the menstrual cycle.

enema—apparatus used to empty the lower intestines of feces by pumping water or inserting a chemical into the rectum.  Sometimes used prior to anal sex

enterto put the penis into the vagina, anus or mouth.

equipment—slang for penis

erectile dysfunction—inability to get or sustain an erection, a euphemism for impotence

erection—when the penis becomes engorged with blood and rigid due to sexual stimulation

Eric—slang for penis

eroticsexually exciting or interesting.  Usually referring to stories, pictures, or movies.

eroticasexually exciting stories, movies, or pictures.  Usually a positive description.

essence—slang for ecstasy

estrogen—hormone produced by the ovaries which helps to regulate the menstrual cycle.

Eunuchmale for whose testicles (and sometimes the penis) have been removed.  Pre-puberty removal results in a high pitched voice and a boyish body.  Post puberty removal results in infertility.  Testosterone, produced in the adrenal glands, along with other influences on sexual behavior may provide for sexual desire and erectile ability in the eunuch.

exclusive/ closed relationship—sexual relationship in which the partners agree to have no other lovers outside of the relationship.

Exhibitionismsexual arousal from exposing oneself to others or being watched while having sex, or being in a state of nudity, or semi-nudity.  Opposite of voyeurism.

explode—slang for orgasm

exploratory surgery—slang for sexual intercourse

exotic dancer—euphemism for stripper

extendershollow, penis-shaped dildo fits over a penis.  Can be used to increase the length or width of a penis, to sustain or simulate an erection.

eyes (as in "has nice eyes")—slang for female breasts

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