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Sexual Terminology--G

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G-spot—[Grafenberg Spot]  An area in the upper wall of the vagina supposed to be especially pleasurable when stimulated.

gams—slang for female breasts

gang bang—when several to many men have sex with one person consecutively or simultaneously

garbonzoes—slang for testicles

garden hose—slang for penis

gasm—slang for orgasm

gay—male homosexual

gaydar—the alleged instinctual and learned ability to sense when a person is gay without any overt confirmation.

gazangas—slang for female breasts

gazongas—slang for female breasts

gc—slang for gonorrhea

gedoinkers—slang for female breasts

George (or almost any proper male name)—slang for penis

gender—refers to male or female as well as the biological, social, and cultural norms and gender identity.

gender community—The transgender community of all cross-dressers, transsexuals, and gender benders, and anywhere they meet.

gender discomfort—akin to gender dysphoria, but not quite that [severe].  Occasional cross-dressing often provides sufficient relief.

gender dysphoriabeing unhappy with the gender you are (physically anatomically, prior to changing anything).  Complete gender dysphoria syndrome is the same as transsexualism.

gender identity—One’s understanding or feeling about whether one is emotionally or spiritually male, female, both or neither.  A person may be congruent (i.e.: his/her sexual identity and physical gender are consistent) or transsexual (born biologically one gender; but emotionally and spiritually, the other) or not quite either one.

gender image—The way one presents oneself to the world, as either male or female.

gender neutral—Nondiscriminatory language to describe relationships—e.g. “spouse” and “partner” are gender-neutral alternatives to gender-specific words like “husband” and “wife.”

genital warts—sexually transmitted infection caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) that causes small, painless bumps around and in the genitals, anus and/or mouth.

get a piece of ass—slang for sexual intercourse

get busy—slang for sexual intercourse

get down and dirty—slang for sexual intercourse

get freaky—slang for sexual intercourse

get into someone's pants—slang for sexual intercourse

get it on—slang for sexual intercourse

get laid—slang for sexual intercourse

get lucky—slang for sexual intercourse

get paid—slang for sexual intercourse

get parallel—slang for sexual intercourse

get pie—slang for sexual intercourse

get plugged—slang for sexual intercourse

get some area—slang for sexual intercourse

get some nookie—slang for sexual intercourse

get some trim (or quim)—slang for sexual intercourse

get wet—slang for orgasm or masturbation

get your poker wet—slang for sexual intercourse

getting a nut—slang for sexual intercourse

getting a perm—slang for cunnilingus

getting a piece—slang for sexual intercourse

getting acquainted with Mr. Fist—slang for male masturbation

getting bent—slang for sexual intercourse

getting down—slang for cunnilingus

getting head—slang for fellatio

getting horizontal—slang for sexual intercourse

getting it on—slang for sexual intercourse

getting off—slang for sexual intercourse or orgasm

getting on—slang for sexual intercourse

getting some leg—slang for sexual intercourse

getting read (clocked)—slang for being detected as a cross-dresser.

getting some sugar—slang for sexual intercourse

getting your balls smoked—slang for fellatio

getting your pole smoked—slang for fellatio

getting your rocks off—slang for sexual intercourse or orgasm

GFE (Girlfriend Experience)—activity with a sex industry worker (prostitute) where the sex industry worker treats her client as if she were a girlfriend.

giantess—A huge, larger-than-life woman that is a object of fetishistic interest.

gigolomale sex industry worker (prostitute)

Gila monster—slang for penis

girlfriendfemale sex industry worker (prostitute)

girls—slang for female breasts

gisim—slang for semen

giving face—slang for cunnilingus

giving head—slang for fellatio

giving skull—slang for cunnilingus

giving the dog a bone—slang for sexual intercourse

glanstip of the penis

glazed donut face—slang for cunnilingus

glory hole—hole in the dividing wall between two rooms; used for voyeurism and sexual encounters

go down—slang for oral sex:  cunnilingus or fellatio

go south—slang for fellatio or cunnilingus

go to bed—slang for sexual intercourse

go to town—slang for sexual intercourse

gobble it—slang for fellatio

gobbler—slang for female homosexual

gob—slang for the mouth

going all the way—slang for sexual intercourse

going down on—slang for fellatio or cunnilingus

going from third base to a home run—slang for sexual intercourse

going out for ice-cream—slang for fellatio

going south with the mouth—slang for cunnilingus

going up mustard road—slang for licking and/or kissing the anus, analingus

golden bazoos—slang for female breasts

golden shower—urinating on a person to generate sexual stimulation; a.k.a yellow shower

golden winnebagoes—slang for female breasts

gonads—slang for testicles

gono—slang for gonorrhea

gonorrheasexually transmitted disease, caused by the gonococcus bacteria, that causes painful urination in men and puss discharge from the penis.

gonzo—Adult videos which lack any plot and just show people having sex on camera.

good old 12 inch—slang for penis

goolies—slang for testicles

Goombas—slang for woman’s breasts

goo—slang for orgasm

gorilla salad—slang for pubic hair.

grab the bozac—slang for masturbation

grease the monkey—slang for masturbation

grease your pole—slang for male masturbation

Greek—slang for anal sex

Greek culture—slang for anal sex

Greek style—slang for anal sex

grenadoes—slang for female breasts

grinding—slang for sexual intercourse

group marriage—(see Polygamy) Marriage in which three or more adult partners are married to each other.  A group marriage may be open, closed or inclusive.

group sexsexual encounter with three or more people.  a.k.a. orgy

gun—slang for penis

gurviesexual intercourse

gyt—slang for semen

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