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Sexual Terminology--H

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hair pie—slang for cunnilingus or a woman's genitals including the pubic hair

hairy palm act—slang for masturbation

half-and-halfwhen a sex industry worker (prostitute) performs fellatio and sexual intercourse in a single sex session.

hammer—slang for penis

hammer hands—slang for masturbation

hand car—slang for masturbation

hand jive—slang for masturbation

hand job—slang for masturbation

handy dandy man—slang for masturbation

handkerchief codes—color codes that identify sexual preferences.

hanky panky—slang for sexual intercourse

hard-ass—someone who inflexibly follows or enforces rules.

hard-on—slang for erect penis

hardcore—1.  sexual pictures, movies, or illustrations that show genitals, especially an erect penis, and often include penetration.  Opposite of softcore.  2. Intense or dangerous sexual activity.

harlotprostitute (antiquated).

harness—body harnesses used in suspension or penis restriction, or straps worn to support a dildo for penetrating another partner.

hat—slang for diaphragm

have sex—slang for sexual intercourse

having an affair—slang for sexual intercourse

having oyster stew—slang for cunnilingus

having tomato soup—slang for cunnilingus

he debauched her—antiquated description for sex with a virgin or sex

he deflowered her—antiquated description for sex with a virgin

he despoiled her—antiquated description for having sex

he took her honor—antiquated description for having sex

headlights—slang for female breasts

head—1.  fellatio  2.  The top part of the penis, the tip.

healthy outlook on life or healthy —slang for woman’s breasts

heat seeking moisture missile—slang for penis

hedge clipping—slang for cunnilingus

heiny hole—slang for anus/rectum

helicopter ride—slang for sexual intercourse

helmet—slang for penis

Henrietta palm and the finger sisters—slang for masturbation

HentaiJapanese word for "pervert" (see Ecchi, which is a milder form).  Commonly used by English-speaking fans to refer to pornographic anime. 

hep—slang for herpes

Hepatitis BSexually transmitted infection caused by a virus that can result in serious liver damage, even death.  Infection occurs through contact with infected blood, semen, vaginal fluids or saliva.  Symptoms include nausa, vomiting, headache, fever, dark urine and jaundice.  It is the only sexually transmitted infection that has a vaccine to prevent infection.

Hepatitis CSexually transmitted infection caused by a virus. Infection occurs through contact with another person’s infected blood, most often from sharing needles with someone who has Hepatitis C.  There are usually not any symptoms with Hepatitis C.  It is diagnosed through a blood test and can cause liver damage. 

her "flower"—slang for hymen

Herman, the one-eyed German—slang for penis

hermaphrodite—person who has both female and male genitalia.

HerpesSexually transmitted infection that is caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV).  It can also be transmitted non-sexually and causes small, blister-like sores (cold sores) around the mouth or genitals.  Herpes type 1 is typically associated with sores around the mouth, while Herpes type 2 is typically associated with sores around the genitals or anus.  Genital herpes can not be cured, but the symptoms can be treated using antiviral medications.

herps—slang for herpes

Hershey highway—slang for anus/rectum, or anal sex

Hershey squirter—slang for anus/rectum

hets—slang for heterosexual

hide the hot dog, salami, weenie—slang for sexual intercourse

high beams—slang for female breasts

high—slang for orgasm

hindi—(Tagalog) no

hinyackas—slang for female breasts

hit it—slang for sexual intercourse

hit the ball through the bleachers—slang for sexual intercourse

hit the guts—slang for sexual intercourse

hitchhiking under the sheets—slang for masturbation

HIV—Human Immunodeficiency Virus causes AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome).  The virus weakens a person’s immune system so that a person can’t fight off everyday infections.  HIV is transmitted from exposure to an infected person’s blood, semen, vaginal fluids or breast milk.

hoslang for sex industry worker (prostitute).  Usually derogatory.

hobble—slang for sexual intercourse

hobble skirt—A tight skirt usually made of leather, PVC or thick rubber, going from the waist to the ankles.  Leaves very little space to move the legs, thus hobbling the wearer.  Used to titillate or arousal a sex partner.


hoe the garden—slang for sexual intercourse

hogans—slang for female breasts

hog—slang for penis

hole in one—slang for sexual intercourse

hole—slang for a vagina

Holmes—slang for penis

home job—slang for masturbation

home run—slang for sexual intercourse

homoeroticismsexual arousal from a person of the same sex.

homophobe—one who is afraid of or oppresses people because they have sexual and romantic attractions to members of the same sex.

honey—slang for male sex industry worker (prostitute)

Honeymoon Cystitiscommon inflammation of the bladder occurring when a woman begins to engage in frequent sexual intercourse

honker—slang for penis

honkers—slang for female breasts

honking his root—slang for masturbation

hooded sword—slang for penis

hooker—slang for sex industry worker (prostitute)

hooking up—slang for sexual intercourse

hooters—slang for female breasts

Hoover—slang for fellatio

horizontal boogie—slang for sexual intercourse

horizontal bop—slang for sexual intercourse

horizontal exercise—slang for sexual intercourse

horizontal hula—slang for sexual intercourse

horizontal mamba—slang for sexual intercourse

horizontal slamdance—slang for sexual intercourse

horizontal tango—slang for sexual intercourse

horn dog—slang for a person who thinks about sex frequently.

hot beef injection—slang for sexual intercourse

hot dog—slang for penis

hot spot—slang for clitoris

hot wax—sex game in which hot wax is melted onto a partner.

Huevos—slang for testicles

hum-job—slang for fellatio or cunnilingus

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)—a.k.a. genital warts.  Sexually transmitted infection that causes small, painless bumps around and in the genitals, anus and/or mouth.

humiliation—erotic control to embarrass or to humble someone by teasing them about their sexual desires.  In SM humiliation, ironically, can build a person's self-esteem by reinforcing their sexuality.

hummer—slang for fellatio

hump—1.  To have sexual intercourse.  2.  To rub one’s genitals against another without penetration or even while clothed.

humpin' and bumpin'—slang for sexual intercourse

humping and pumping—slang for sexual intercourse

humping off—slang for masturbation

hump—slang for sexual intercourse

hunch—slang for sexual intercourse

hung—slang for having a large penis, often used in the phrase "well hung".

hustle—slang for sexual intercourse

hustler—slang for male sex industry worker (prostitute)

hym—slang for hymen

hymen—A fold of tissue that partly covers the entrance of the vagina in some women.  sexual intercourse tears an intact hymen.  An intact hymen has been viewed as a sign of virginity in a woman.  However, the hymen is often torn through non-sexual activities and some women are born without a hymen.

Hysterectomy—surgical removal of the female uterus and sometimes the ovaries.

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