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Sexual Terminology--L

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ladies of the evening—slang for females sex industry worker (prostitute)

lads—slang for testicles

lance—slang for penis

lap dancing—squatting above a sitting person and rubbing against them to create arousal.

lapping—slang for cunnilingus

latex barriers—condoms or squares of latex (dental dam or cut open condoms) used as barrier during sexual behaviors (oral, vaginal, and anal sex) between two people.

lay—slang for sexual intercourse

laying pipe—slang for sexual intercourse

laying the cable—slang for sexual intercourse

le petit mort (the little death, a French term)—orgasm

leak—slang for orgasm

leather Cheerio—slang for the anus.

lesbianwoman who has sex with other women; a homosexual woman

Lesbo—slang for female homosexual

let it all hang out—slang for orgasm

LevitraBayer's trademark name for its erectile dysfunction drug, vardenafil HCl, similar to Viagra.

Lezzie—slang for lesbian

LGBTacronym for “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender.”

libidosexual desire.  Horniness.

lick bean—slang for cunnilingus

lick box—slang for cunnilingus

lick cooter—slang for cunnilingus

lick it—slang for fellatio

lick me clean—slang for cunnilingus

lick the bowl—slang for cunnilingus

lick the slit—slang for cunnilingus

lick'em where they pee—slang for cunnilingus

lickety lap—slang for cunnilingus

licking beaver—slang for cunnilingus

licking sac—slang for fellatio

licking the lower lips—slang for cunnilingus

licking—slang for oral sex

lick—slang for cunnilingus

light in the loafers—slang for male homosexual

limp wrested—slang for male homosexual

lingam—Ancient Indian term for the penis or a representation of the penis; appears in the Kama Sutra and often used in reference to Tantric sex.  See also yoni.

lipstick—slang for penis

lipstick lesbianlesbian who displays stereotypical feminine dress

liquid marble—slang for semen

little flying saucer—slang for diaphragm

little helmet man—slang for penis

Little Johnny—slang for penis

little man in my pants—slang for penis

little man in the boat—slang for clitoris

little monster—slang for penis

lizard—slang for penis

Liz—slang for female homosexual

load—slang for semen.  Usually phrased "blow your load" (meaning ejaculate)

loaded gun—slang for penis

lock in key—slang for sexual intercourse

lock—slang for hymen

Lolita—An underage girl or sex with an underage girl, after the Vladimir Nabokov's novel Lolita.

lollipop—slang for penis

love apples—slang for female breasts

love button—slang for clitoris

love canal—slang for a vagina

love drops—slang for semen

love fluid—slang for semen

love grapes—slang for testicles

love gun—slang for penis

love handle—slang for penis

love hole—slang for a vagina

love jelly—slang for semen

love juice—slang for semen

love monkeys—slang for female breasts

love muscle—slang for penis

love probe—slang for penis

love pump—slang for penis

love python—slang for penis

love rod—slang for penis

love stick—slang for penis

love tunnel—slang for vagina

love warts—slang for female breasts

lovemakingpopular term for sexual intercourse.

lube—slang for sex lubricant:  e.g., K Y Brand or Astroglide

Lucky Pierre—A man, having sex with two other men, who is simultaneously penetrating one man anally while being penetrated anally by the other.  He is "lucky" because he is the only one of the three to enjoy both sex acts simultaneously.

lunch—slang for cunnilingus

Lunelle—monthly birth control injection.  A combination of the hormones estrogen and progesterone, it prevents ovulation.  It is injected into the arm, thigh or buttock by a health care professional and requires a prescription.  It is 99% effective at preventing pregnancy, if taken as prescribed.  It does not protect against sexually transmitted infections.

lung warts—slang for female breasts

lungs (as in a "good set of lungs")—slang for female breasts

luscious scoops of flesh—slang for female breasts

lust—strong feeling of sexual attraction and desire towards another person.

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