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Sexual Terminology--N

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nads—slang for testicles

nailed—slang for sexual intercourse

Nazi dope—slang for methamphetamine

necrophilia—the desire to have sex with dead people.

nectar—slang for semen

needle dick—slang for thin penis

Nellie—slang for male homosexual

nerds—slang for testicles

nest—slang for uterus

New man—(1) Post-operative FTM transsexual.  Sometimes refers to FTM transsexual who is well along in the transition process.

New woman—(1) Post-operative MTF transsexual. First used in a 1952 newspaper article in reference to Christine Jorgensen. Also sometimes used to mean (2) an MTF transsexual who is well along in the transition process.

NGUNon-Gonococcal Urethritis (NGU) is a sexually transmitted infection caused by bacteria that usually causes inflammation of the urethra and cervix, a discharge from the penis or vagina and a burning sensation during urination.  Antibiotics can cure it.

ninnies—slang for female breasts

nips—slang for female breasts

nipplestips of the breasts on the male and female chest, sensitive to touch and temperature.

Nisou (Chuuk) sexual intercourse

nocturnal emission—when a man has an erotic dream and ejaculates in his sleep.  A wet dream.

noodle—slang for penis

nookie, nooky—refers to sexual touching, kissing, cuddling and possibly intercourse.

nose dive—slang for fellatio

Nonoxynol-9—spermicide added to lubricants to increase contraceptive effectiveness.  It has recently been shown to encourage AIDS infections.

noonersexual encounter during the lunchtime hour, especially one that takes place at the office; also known as a quickie.

nupies—slang for female breasts

nut—slang for semen

nuts—slang for testicles

NuvaRing—soft, flexible and transparent ring that prevents pregnancy when inserted in the back of the vagina.  It releases a combination of hormones, progestin and estrogen, and is 98% effective at preventing pregnancy if used correctly.  NuvaRing is worn inside a woman's vagina for three weeks and then removed at the beginning of the fourth week.  It is prescribed by a health care provider.  It does not protect against sexually transmitted infections.

nymphomania, nymphomaniac—Derogatory term for a woman who is sexually obsessed or has sex with many partners.  This term is generally regarded as sexist.

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