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Sexual Terminology--P

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pack your poop shute—slang for anal sex

package—slang for penis

packing fudge—slang for anal sex

packing—slang for sexual intercourse

pad—1.  maxi pad or sanitary napkin; a soft, absorbent product worn outside the body to absorb menstrual flow.  1.  outdated:  apartment or home

paddle the pickle—slang for masturbation

pagtuli—(Tagalog) circumcision

pair—slang for female breasts

palm it—slang for masturbation

panhandle—slang for penis (from "A Clockwork Orange")

panochefemale sex industry worker (prostitute)

pantywaist—slang for a boy or man who is considered weak or effeminate.

pap smearA medical test that examines cells from the female cervix to determine if there are any infections or signs of cancer.  It should be performed once a year.

papayas—slang for woman’s breasts

paraphiliaA sexual obsession, usually over an object or sex act.  See also fetish.

parasite—A tiny organism that causes scabies and pubic lice which can be killed with medicine.

parking the car—slang for sexual intercourse

Partial Birth Abortiondone during the third-trimester of pregnancy.  It is very rare (less than one percent of all abortions) and the most controversial abortion procedure.  It is performed only when the fetus has severe abnormalities or has died or if the pregnancy endangers the life of the mother.

partner—slang for penis

passingperson’s ability to present themselves in another gender than which they live full-time or in which they were born with.

passion pole—slang for penis

PC (Pubococcygeus) muscle—muscle targeted in Kegel exercises.

pearl jam—slang for semen

pearl necklace—slang for depositing semen on the upper chest or neck of a partner

pearl—slang for clitoris

pech (Chuuk)—erection

pecker—slang for penis

peckin’ hen—slang for fellatio

pederasty—imprecise term for anal sex

pee—human fluid waste that collects in the bladder and leaves the body from the urethra in both males and females.  Also known as urine.

pee pee—slang for penis

peeling the banana—slang for fellatio

peenie—slang for penis


peeps—slang for testicles

peg—to use a strap-on dildo on someone.

Pelvic Exam—medical examination of the female’s internal reproductive organs (ovaries, uterus and cervix) and external genitals (inner and outer labia and vaginal area). 

penetrationInserting the penis, vibrator, or dildo into the vaginaand/or anus.


penis—male sex organ that engorges with blood and becomes erect.

penis milk—slang for semen

penis squeezers—slang for female breasts

perkies—slang for female breasts

Peter pangus—slang for penis

Peter—slang for penis

Petite morte (Little death)—orgasm (French)


Pheromones—Natural chemicals or hormones that allegedly induce a sexual response.

Phone Sexsexual experience that take place with two or more people conversing via the telephone.

pick cherries—slang for sexual intercourse

pickle—slang for penis

pickle-me-tickle-me—slang for sexual intercourse

PIDPelvic Inflammatory Disease is an infection of the internal reproductive organs in a woman typically the result of untreated gonorrhea or chlamydia.  PID often causes chronic pelvic pain, painful intercourse, bleeding between periods, inflamed fallopian tubes and possible scarring that can result in infertility.  It can be treated with a combination of antibiotics; however, severe cases may require hospitalization.

piddle the pud—slang for masturbation

piddle—slang for masturbation

piddley diddling—slang for masturbation

pie hole—slang for the mouth.

piece of ass—1. sexual intercourse. 2. a person regarded as sexually attractive and/or sexually promiscuous.

pile driver—slang for penis

pile driving—slang for sexual intercourse

pillabbreviation for the birth control pill. 

pillow booksusually small in size and illustrated manuals on all aspects of sexuality.

pillows—slang for female breasts

Pimp—1.  A guy who is perceived to have had many sexual partners.  2.  A person who employs and/or controls sex workers

pimples—slang for female breasts


pink chewies—slang for female breasts

pink pencil—slang for penis

Pinochio's wooden balls—slang for male genitalia

piping—slang for fellatio

pippie—slang for penis

piss flaps—slang for the labia; the folds of tissue of the female external genitalia.

piss hard—slang for erection

pistol—slang for penis

Placenta—during pregnancy, a structure that provides nourishment and protection to a developing fetus.

Plan B—brand of emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs), which can prevent pregnancy if taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse.

Platonicrelationship without romance or sex

playslang for sexual activity, especially BDSM activity.

play radio (i.e. to feel)—woman’s breasts

play room—room equipped with sex paraphernalia and used primarily for sex play.

Player—person who is perceived to have had many sexual partners.

playing hide-the-sausage (bologna)—slang for sexual intercourse

playing the front nine—slang for sexual intercourse

playing the skin flute—slang for masturbation or for fellatio

playing with one's self—slang for masturbation

playing with peter—slang for masturbation

playing with yourself—slang for masturbation

playing, or "let's play"—slang for sexual intercourse

pleasure pleaser—slang for penis

Polygamy—a person with multiple marriage partners.

plucking rosebuds—slang for antiquated description for having sex

pluck—slang for sexual intercourse

plugging—slang for anal sex

plugging—slang for anal sex

plushie (plushophile)persons who are aroused by plush stuffed animals.  Some use the word to describe a person who enjoys dressing up as a stuffed animal for sexual arousal/gratification.  See also fursuit.

pocket pal—sex toy shaped to resemble a vagina.

pocket pinball—slang for masturbation

pocket ping-pong—slang for masturbation

pocket pistol—slang for penis

pocket pool—slang for masturbation

pods—slang for penis

points—slang for female breasts

poison dart—slang for penis

poke a stroke—slang for sexual intercourse

poke squid—Hawaiian for sexual intercourse

poked in the okoleanal sex.  Okole being a Hawaiian term for butt.

poking—slang for sexual intercourse

pole dance—slang for sexual intercourse

pole smoking—slang for fellatio

pole—slang for penis

polish the pud—slang for masturbation

polishing the knob—slang for fellatio

polyamoryHaving sexual relationships with more than one person.

Poofs—slang for male homosexual

pooning pop it—slang for sexual intercourse

poon—slang for sexual intercourse

poontang—slang for the vulva

poop for your pooter—slang for anal sex

poop shoot—slang for anus/rectum

pooper—slang for anus/rectum

poop—slang for excrement.

pootie—slang for vagina

poove—a disparaging term for an openly homosexual man

pop the cherry—slang for losing one’s virginity

pop the coochie—slang for sexual intercourse

pop—slang for to ejaculate

pork—slang for penis, or for sexual intercourse

pork sword—slang for penis

porked, porking, porks—slang for having sexual intercourse with someone.

pornography—(porn) sexually explicit picture, movie, book, etc.  Usually used in a derogatory sense.  Compare erotica.

Positions—Different ways that people put their bodies together during sexual intercourse:  e.g., missionary position, doggie style or 69.

potato soup—slang for semen

pouf—slang for a disparaging term for an openly homosexual man

pound the mound—slang for sexual intercourse

pound your pud—slang for masturbation

power drill—slang for penis

power shooter—slang for penis

pre-cum—A small amount of clear fluid sometimes emitted by the penis during sexual arousal/stimulation but before ejaculation.

pre-jack—a.k.a. pre-cum, the pre-ejaculatory fluid that generally does not contain sperm

pregnancyprocess of an implanted fertilized egg developing into a fetus.

pregnancy test—determines whether or not a woman is pregnant.  They are either a urine test and a blood test.  The urine test is available over-the-counter and can be used within 10-14 days after fertilization (unprotected intercourse).  Blood tests are done in medical settings.

premarital sexsexual intercourse between two unmarried people.

premature ejaculation—when a man cannot control the timing of his orgasm and ejaculates too quickly.

premenstrual syndrome (PMS)—set of symptoms that many women experience during certain parts of the menstrual cycle such as mood swings, cramping, stomach upset and lower back pain.

prenatal care—Medical services a woman receives during her pregnancy.  The services monitor the health of the pregnant mother and fetus to ensure proper growth and development for both.  Prenatal care can also detect birth defects early on.

prepuce—fold of skin that covers the tip of the penis; it is removed in circumcision.

PrevenA brand of emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs), which can prevent pregnancy if taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse.  In most states, you must have a prescription from a medical provider to get ECPs

priapism—medical condition characterized by a painful erection that won't go down.

prick—slang for penis

pride and joy—slang for slang for penis

Primary amenorrhea—when a woman has never had a period

privates—slang for penis, vagina, breasts

pro—slang for sex industry worker (prostitute)

Pro-Choice—supporting a woman's right to decide whether or not to have an abortion.

Pro-Life—Opposed to abortion

procreatesexual intercourse

prod—slang for penis

Progesterone—hormone primarily responsible for maintaining a pregnancy.

prong—slang for penis

prostitutesex industry worker

Prostate—gland near the male bladder, which secretes a fluid that is part of semen.  Stimulating the prostate is sexually arousing to some men.

protection—slang for a condom

protein frappe'—slang for semen

protein pump—slang for fellatio

prunes—slang for testicles

puberty—process of developing from a child into an adolescent/young adult involving physical and emotional changes.

pubic haircourse, dark, curly hair that typically grows around the genitals in both males and females.

pubic liceparasite that lives in a person’s pubic hair causing intense itching.  Can be sexually transmitted and cured with anti-lice medicated shampoo and body wash such as Kwell, which can be purchased in a drug store

pucking (Filipino) sexual intercourse

pud—slang for penis

pud wacking—slang for masturbation

pudendum, pudenda—slang for a woman's external genitals; the vulva.

Pufta—slang for male homosexual

puka—a vagina.  Hawaiian word for hole.

pull your pud—slang for masturbation

pulling out—removing the penis from the vagina before a man ejaculates as a form of contraception; coitus interruptus.  An unreliable form of birth control

pulling your pecker—slang for masturbation

pulling your puppet—slang for masturbation

pump—slang for sexual intercourse

Punani—a vagina

punching the munchkin—slang for masturbation

Punk—1. a young man who is the sexual partner of an older man.  2. a prostitute.

punta putanasex industry worker (prostitute)

purple headed love dartpenis

purple headed soldier or warriorpenis

purple helmetpenis

purple people eater—slang for penis

pussy—1. the vulva.  2. a disparaging term for a woman. 3. a weak or timid man

pussy fart—slang an expulsion of vaginal gas; a queef.

pussy finger—slang for penis

pussy tamer—slang for penis

put the puck in the net—slang for sexual intercourse

putasex industry worker (prostitute)

putter—slang for penis

putter in the hole—slang for sexual intercourse

putting out—Refers to people who are willing to have sex.

putz—slang for penis

python of pleasure—slang for penis

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