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Sexual Terminology--S

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sack—slang for scrotum or testicles

sadismDeriving sexual pleasure by inflicting pain, discomfort, or humiliation on someone. See also BDSM.

safe—slang for a condom

salami—slang for penis

Sally fist and her five sisters—slang for masturbation

Sally palm—slang for masturbation

salt water—slang for semen

salty dog—slang for fellatio

salty tea—slang for semen

sanding it—slang for masturbation

Sapho—slang for female homosexual

Sapphic—Of or relating to lesbians.

satchel—slang for scrotum

Satyriasisantiquated term for male compulsive sexual activity.

sausage—slang for penis

scatsex play involving feces.  See also coprophilia.

schlong or shlong—slang for penis

schmuck—slang for penis

schwanson—slang for penis

schwantz—slang for penis

scissor fight—When two women press their vaginas together by intertwining their legs; tribadism.

scobbing your knob—slang for fellatio

scooning—slang for sexual intercourse

score—To have sex.  Also used to describe a man having sex with a woman for the first time.

scoring—slang for sexual intercourse

scratch the crack—slang for female masturbation

screwslang for sex:  two or more people engaging in activities that involve the genitalia of one or more persons whereby stimulation is provided to achieve excitement and pleasure.

scrodog—slang for penis

scroggin'—slang for sexual intercourse

scrumpin'—slang for sexual intercourse

scrunch—slang for sexual intercourse

scum-bag—slang for testicles

second base—slang for how far two people have gone sexually:  touching a girl’s breasts while sloppy second refers to touching a girl’s breasts with the mouth,

seduce—antiquated description for having sex

seed—slang for semen

seeing a man about a horse—slang for fellatio

seeing god—slang for orgasm

seeing someone—slang for sexual intercourse

self abuse—slang for masturbation

self-flagellation—slang for masturbation


self-pollution—slang for masturbation

semi-sport—slang for penis

seminal fluid—slang for semen

seminal vesicle—One of two glands located behind the male bladder, which secretes a fluid that is part of semen

seminiferous tubules—highly coiled tubes in the male testes that manufacture sperm.

send it in—slang for sexual intercourse

sensory deprivation—a practice done to intensify anxiety, and to heighten the other senses that are left uninhibited.

serial monogamista person who has a series of extremely short-term relationship

serious fellatio—unparalleled oral stimulation done

set—slang for female breasts

setromexual—the opposite of a metrosexual.  A gay man who dresses poorly and has no taste

sex camel—a person (usually a reference to s woman), who can go for long periods without sex

sex drifter—someone who has sex with one person after another within the same crowd.

sex floss—slang for cunnilingus

sex flushtemporary color change in the skin that sometimes develops in women and men as a result of congestion in capillaries near the surface of the skin.  The flush may begin on the breasts and abdomen before spreading to other areas as arousal increases.

sex industry worker—slang for prostitute

sex kitten—slang for young woman considered beautiful and sexy

sex magick—the use of witchcraft rituals for sexual purposes.

sex pissslang for ejaculation

sex pistol—slang for penis

sex playany adult erotic activity excluding sexual intercourse.  Sex play may also involve rehearsal play such as role playing doctor and nurse.

sex surrogate—counselor who helps people with their sexual problems by engaging in sexual activity with them.

sex toys—objects designed to enhance sexual pleasure.

sex without the X—Dull, unexciting lovemaking, as in non X-rated sex. 

sexism—1.  discrimination based on gender, especially discrimination against women.  2.  attitudes, conditions, or behaviors that promote stereotyping of social roles based on gender

sexologists—people who study the science of sex.

sexpertSomeone who has gained a reputation as being an expert on sex, especially someone who appears in the media talking about sex:  e.g., Dr. Ruth or Sue Johanson 

sextasyecstasy plus viagra.  Side effects of this combination could include heart attack or stroke.  The risks increase dramatically with age

sexual abuse—unwanted sexual touching or behaviors.  It is illegal even if you know the person.

sexual assaultusing force or threat of force to engage in a sexual behavior with activity person.  It is illegal, even you know the person.

sexual congress—slang for sexual intercourse

sexual intercourse—Usually refers to when a man’s penis is inserted into a woman’s vagina.  It can also mean oral or anal penetration between two or more people.

sexual unionsexual intercourse

sexually transmitted disease—(STD) Any disease transmitted through sexual contact.  See venereal disease.  Also known as a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

shacking-up—slang for sexual intercourse

shaftReferring to an erect penis, the area from the base to (but not including) the head.

shag—slang for sexual intercourse

shake and bake—slang for sexual intercourse

shake the snake—slang for masturbation

shaking the sheets—slang for sexual intercourse

Shangra-la—slang for masturbation

shaving—removing the hair of a partner or oneself, usually pubic, with a razor for arousal or as an obedient act to demonstrate submission to ownership.

she succumbed to his blandishment—antiquated description for having sex

sheath the sword to the hilt—antiquated description for having sex (Shakespeare)

shemaleA transsexual who has not yet undergone a complete sex change, so that he has both breasts and a penis.

shining your helmet—slang for masturbation

shit-stabber—derogatory description for a homosexual man

shitter—slang for anus/rectum

shocker—A technique of manual stimulation where the pointer and middle finger are inserted into a woman's vagina while the pinkie is inserted the anus.  Also referred to as a "six pack" (that's how you hold a six pack of beer), "two in the pink, one in the stink" or "two on the clit one in the shit".

shoe locks—a simple system of straps, one going under the foot (between the heel and the instep), the other around the ankle.  These are locked together, preventing the wearer from removing the shoes without the key to the lock.  Sometimes a shoe or boot is equipped with locking ankle straps per design, serving the same function.  Used to titillate or arousal a sex partner.

shoot—slang for orgasm

shoot my wad—slang for semen

shooting blanks—slang for not having sperm in semen.

shooting the moon—slang for orgasm

shower curtain—slang for a condom

shrimpingLicking or sucking someone's toes during sex.

shtoop—slang for sexual intercourse

simultaneous orgasmsexual experience in which partners reach sexual release or orgasm together.  Achieving simultaneous orgasms is a questionable goal due to performance pressure and distraction.

singing into the purple microphone—slang for fellatio

single glove—a single glove to put both arms into.  It laces the arms together on the back, with straps going over the shoulders to prevent it from slipping down and off.

sista—slang for female homosexual

sit on my face—slang for cunnilingus

six inch (6")—slang for penis

sixty-nine—simultaneous cunnilingus and fellatio between heterosexual partners; simultaneous fellatio of both gay partners; or simultaneous cunnilingus of both lesbian partners

skiing—slang for sexual intercourse

skin flute—slang for penis

skin popping—injecting drugs under the skin, frequently crystal meth.  Extremely painful, and very high risk for abscesses and tissue infections

skin your bone—slang for masturbation

skinboat to tuna town—slang for sexual intercourse

skinny—slang for AIDS

skins—slang for a condom

skull—slang for cunnilingus

slam—slang for sexual intercourse

slamming—slang for sexual intercourse

slap your dong—slang for masturbation

slapping stomachs—slang for sexual intercourse

slapping the bacon to the pan—slang for sexual intercourse

slapping the meat—slang for masturbation

slapping the salami—slang for masturbation

slapping tummies—slang for sexual intercourse

slave—someone who has agreed to give up all personal rights to their dominant or master.  This may or may not include sexual contact.

slept with—slang for sexual intercourse

slime—slang for semen

slipping between the lily whites—slang for sexual intercourse

slit—slang for a vagina

slit licking—slang for cunnilingus

slob nobbing—slang for fellatio

slow hand—slang for masturbation

slurping salami—slang for fellatio

slutsex industry worker (prostitute), or a derogatory term for a woman who has had many sexual partners.

smack Johnny behind the ears—slang for masturbation

smash—slang for sex.

smegmawhite, cheesy substance secreted by the sebaceous glands that collects under the foreskin.

smoke hog—slang for fellatio

smoker—slang for fellatio

smoking dick—slang for fellatio

smoking pickle—slang for fellatio

smoking pole—slang for fellatio

smoochie—slang for cunnilingus

smosabs—slang for female breasts

smurfSlapping someone in the face with your penis.

snack at the "Y"—slang for cunnilingus

snack time—slang for cunnilingus

snake—slang for penis

snatch—slang for a vagina

sniffer's row—row of seats nearest the stage in a strip club.

snow blow—Performing fellatio on a man with ice cubes in your mouth.

snowballingperson performs fellatio until the man ejaculates, holds the semen in their mouth, then kisses the originating partner, then passes the semen into the mouth of the semen producer

soap scum—slang for semen

sodomite—slang, usually derogatory, for male homosexual

sodomy—broadly defined term that includes anal sex and legal description for anal sex and other proscribed forms of sexuality

softcoresexual pictures, movies, books, magazines, etc. that do not show penetration and usually do not show an erect penis. Opposite of hardcore.

solitary vice or sin—slang for masturbation

solo—slang for masturbation

sombrero—slang for diaphragm

sombreros—slang for a condom

Spanish fly—supposed aphrodisiac potion, sometimes put surreptitiously into the drink of a partner to make them sexually interested.

spank your shank—slang for masturbation

spanking—slapping a partner's buttocks for sensory enhancement and arousal.

spanking it—slang for masturbation

spanking the monkey—slang for masturbation

spankin'—slang for masturbation

sparring with the heavy bag—slang for masturbation

speak to the head—slang for fellatio

special place under mommy's heart—slang for uterus

special request—slang for fellatio

speculum—plastic or metal device that is used to hold the walls of the vagina open during a pelvic exam or other medical procedure so that the cervix can be seen.

spending the night with someone—slang for sexual intercourse

spend—slang for orgasm

spermmale reproductive cells that are found in semen.

sperm cycle—slang for fellatio

spermicidesubstance that kills sperm, often applied to a condom or other contraceptive device.

spew—slang for semen

spikesVery thin heels, often almost ending in a point at the tip (like a nail).  Worn to enhance or titillate during sex.  

split the darkwood—slang for cunnilingus

sploit—slang for semen

splunk—slang for semen

spongecontraceptive device containing spermicide that is placed against the cervix and provides a barrier against sperm.  Not currently available in the US.

spooge or splooge—to eject semen in orgasm, or semen

spooning—When two people lie parallel on their sides facing in the same direction.  Usually with a man pressing his crotch against a woman's ass.

spreading the folds—slang for sexual intercourse

spuge—slang for semen

spunk—slang for semen

squirrel—slang for clitoris

stable-my- naggie—slang for sexual intercourse

stacked—slang for ample female breasts

starter buttons—slang for female breasts

statutory rapesexual contact when one partner is an adult and the other is under the legal age of consent, which ranges between 14 and 18 years of age in the US.  Even if the younger partner is willing to have sex, it is still illegal.

steaming—slang for sexual intercourse

sterilization—permanent form of birth control.  It is a minor operation that stops the ovum (eggs) and sperm from joining.  Female sterilization is known as tubal ligation or “getting the tubes tied”.  Male sterilization is called a vasectomy.

stern job—slang for anal sex

stew—slang for a vagina

STC—slang for ecstasy

STISexually transmitted infection.  An infection which is transmitted through sexual contact or sexual body fluids such as blood, pre-cum, semen, vaginal fluids or breast milk. 

stick—slang for penis

stiff—slang for erection

stiffy—slang for erect penis

stilettosa.k.a. spikes.  A type of women’s dress shoe with a heel that is extremely thin and pointed.  Worn to enhance or titillate during sex.  Named after the very thin bladed knives. 

still—slang for penis

stirring the soup—slang for female masturbation

stones—slang for testicles

stoop—slang for sexual intercourse

straight—slang for heterosexual

strap-on, strap-on dildo—A dildo that is worn by someone—attached to a harness—so that it can be thrust into a partner like a penis.

street walker—slang for sex industry worker (prostitute)

stripper—Someone who exposes their nude or semi-nude body for money.

stroke it—slang for masturbation

stroke the lizard—slang for masturbation

stroking off—slang for masturbation

stroking the muscle—slang for masturbation

strokin—slang for masturbation

stud—guy who is perceived to have had many sexual partners.

stuff—slang for a vagina

stump plunger—slang for penis

stump—slang for penis

submission—surrendering control to a dominant partner.

submissive—(sub) the person who is dominated in a BDSM relationship.

suck balls—slang for fellatio

suck chrome off a trailer hitch—slang for fellatio

suck chrome off of a tailpipe—slang for fellatio

suck cock—slang for fellatio

suck dick—slang for fellatio

suck job—slang for fellatio

suck off—slang for fellatio

suck pud—slang for fellatio

sucking cock—slang for fellatio

sucking Johnny—slang for fellatio

suck-n-blow—slang for fellatio

suck—slang for fellatio

sugar—slang for semen or vagina

sugar walls—slang for a vagina

surgical abortionUtilizes a procedure called vacuum aspiration to end a pregnancy.  Under local or general anesthesia, a woman’s cervix is dilated (widened) so that  a vacuum-like tube can be inserted and the contents of the uterus can be withdrawn.  The procedure takes between five and 15 minutes.

surrender the pink—slang for a vagina

swallow the swan—slang for fellatio

swanson—slang for penis

sweet—slang for male homosexual

swing—a device that allows a person or two to be suspended and move back and forth during sex.

swing both ways—slang for bisexuality

switch—someone who can act either as a dominant or submissive in BDSM play.

switch hitter—slang for bisexual

swive—slang for sexual intercourse

syph—slang for syphilis

syphilissexually transmitted infection that is caused by bacteria and results in chancres or painless sores in the genital area.  When an infected person comes into contact with another uninfected person's vagina, penis, anus or mouth, it is transmitted. Syphilis can be cured with antibiotics.

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