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T-friendly—organization or institution that is accepting of transgendered peoples and their needs.

ta ta—slang for breasts.

tackle—slang for male genitals

tadpoles—slang for semen

tads—slang for female breasts

taffy pulling—slang for male masturbation

tail fucking—slang for anal sex

T'ain't—the area between the anus and vagina, or anus and testicles

take a turn in Bushy Park—slang for sexual intercourse

take a turn on Mount Pleasant—slang for sexual intercourse

take a whiz—slang for urinating

take Nebuchadnezzar out to grass—slang for sexual intercourse

take the old one-eye to the optometrist—slang for sexual intercourse

take the skin boat to tuna town—slang for sexual intercourse

taking a ride—slang for sexual intercourse

taking it—slang for sexual intercourse

taking the balls deep—slang for fellatio

talk (let’s talk)—slang for sexual intercourse

talking into Mr. Microphone—slang for fellatio

talking to Henry—slang for masturbation

talking to Herman—slang for fellatio

tally whacker—slang for penis

Tang (Chuuk)penis

Tantrasexual intercourse

tap—slang for intercourse.  Same as “hit” (usage:  “tap that ass”).

tart—slang for sex industry worker (prostitute)

taste—slang for fellatio

ta-ta's—slang for woman's breasts

tea bag—slang for testicles

tea bagging—when a man lowers his testicles down onto someone's mouth.  So-called because of the resemblance to lowering a teabag into water. 

tea room—public toilet where gay men have sex.

tee tee—slang for penis

tease—To cause arousal in someone or the expectation of sexual activity without following through on that promise. 

teeter—slang for penis

tent pole—slang for erection

testicle—male reproductive gland, which produces sperm and the hormone testosterone.  The plural of testicle is testes.

testosterone—hormone made by the testes.  Responsible for male secondary sexual characteristics like facial and body hair.

thatch—slang for pubic hair

The Basesslang expression that refers to baseball and how far two people have gone sexually.  Typically first base refers to kissing, second based refers to touching a girl’s breasts, sloppy second refers to touching a girl’s breasts with the mouth, third base refers to touching each other’s genitals or oral sex and fourth base or a home run refers to sexual intercourse.

the big "O"—slang for orgasm

the big nasty—slang for anal sex

the big thing or thang—slang for penis

the crisis—slang for orgasm

the feel—slang for orgasm

the in and out—slang for sexual intercourse

the Johnson—slang for penis

the king—slang for penis

the little guy—slang for penis

the little used path—slang for anal sex

the man—slang for penis

the monster—slang for penis

the ole in and out—slang for sexual intercourse

the pink—slang for a vagina

the red rocket—slang for penis

The Shot—slang for Depo-Provera, a hormone that is injected into a female’s arm or buttock every 12 weeks that requires a prescription.  It works by preventing ovulation and by thickening cervical mucus to keep sperm from the egg and is  99.7% effective.  It does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.  

threesomesimultaneous sexual interaction of three persons, usually a couple and an additional woman (a.k.a. mčnage á trois).

they consummated their love—antiquated description for having sex

thin man disease—slang for AIDS

thing—slang for penis

third base—slang for how far two people have gone sexually:  touching each other’s genitals or oral sex.

third leg—slang for penis

third sex—slang for bisexuality

Thor’s twins—slang for testicles

threesomesex act involving three people, or a relationship whereby three people live together and have sexual relations

three-way—any sex act involving three people, or a relationship whereby three people, such as a married couple and a lover, live together and have sexual relations

throbbing manhood—slang for erect penis

throwing chalk—slang for sexual intercourse

throwing the pork—slang for sexual intercourse

thwacking—slang for sexual intercourse

tickle the bearded clam—slang for cunnilingus

tickler—slang for clitoris

ticklerstoys for men to use during intercourse that are usually made of latex, rubber or jelly, and fit over the shaft of the penis.  They are usually covered with a tactile feature that increases stimulation for the wearer's partner.  For example, a typical tickler might be a rubber sheath about two inches long that is covered with shallow rubber knobs.   Another might be a short, pineapple-shaped sleeve with rubber "fronds" to excite both the wearer and his partner.

Tilly and her four friends—slang for masturbation

tinkler—slang for penis

tinkle—slang for penis

tit—slang for woman's breast

tit fuck—To place the penis between a woman's breasts and thrust, as if engaging in intercourse.

tits—slang for female breasts

titties—slang for female breasts

titty boppers—slang for female breasts

to "do somebody"—slang for fellatio

to "go down" on somebody—slang for fellatio

to "know" a woman—slang for sexual intercourse

to ball—slang for sexual intercourse

to blow someone—slang for fellatio

to come—slang for orgasm

to eat beaver—slang for cunnilingus

to eat out—slang for cunnilingus

to eat somebody out—slang for cunnilingus

to jack off—slang for masturbation

to know in the biblical sense—slang for sexual intercourse

to make somebody—slang for sexual intercourse

to rim somebody—slang for licking somebody's anus, analingus

to rub off—slang for masturbation, predominantly female

tongue in cheek it—female licking and/or kissing the anus, analingus

tongue job—slang for cunnilingus

tongue pussy—slang for cunnilingus

tongue the B—slang for cunnilingus

tongue—slang for cunnilingus

tonguing—slang for cunnilingus

tonsil tickling—slang for fellatio

Tony—slang for penis

tool—slang for penis

tool-bag—slang for testicles

tooting your root—slang for masturbation

top—1. The dominant person in BDSM activity.  2. The one who penetrates during anal sex, usually between gay males.

top of the hill—slang for orgasm

top or bottomsexual intercourse

top surgery—surgery "above the waist," usually breast augmentation for MTFs and breast reduction for FTMs. 

torpedoes—slang for female breasts

torpedo—slang for penis

toss off—slang for masturbation

toss (someone's) salad—To lick and or suck on someone's anus.  To perform anilingus.

tosser—a man who masturbates

tossin' Tony—slang for masturbation

tossing salad-—licking and/or kissing the anus, analingus

toss—slang for masturbation by a man

toss-off—slang for masturbation

touching yourself—slang for masturbation

touchy-feely—slang for masturbation

towel racks—slang for female breasts

tower of power—slang for penis

toy boy—slang for male sex industry worker (prostitute)

train—1, A line of men having sex, where each man anally penetrates the man in front of him, connecting together like the cars of a train.  2. A group of people lined up waiting to have sex with someone

tranny or trannie—transvestite, or transexual

trans (also transgender)a person who transgress societal gender norms.  This includes: androgynes, cross-dressers, gender-benders, intersexed individuals, shape-shifters, transvestites, and transsexuals.

transgender community (also gender community)an informal association of individuals and organizations who transgress gender norms in a variety of ways. 

transgenderistperson who chooses to cross-live full time, but do not to have Sex Reassignment Surgery/Gender Reassignment Surgery.  They may or may not have some surgeries, and they may or may not use hormones.

transitionperiod during which a transgender individual (usually transsexual) begins to live a new life in their gender.  Also, includes the period of full-time living (Real Life Test) required before gender reassignment surgery.

transphobia (also genderphobia)usually negative reaction of those who are perceived to break and/or blur cultural/stereotypical gender roles, often assumed to be queer. 

transsexual (also Female-to-Male [FTM/F2M], Male-to-Female [MTF/M2F], Pre-Operative, Post-Operative, Non-Operative)person who, through experiencing an intense long-term discomfort resulting from feeling the inappropriateness of their assigned gender at birth and discomfort of their body, adapts their gender role and body in order to reflect and be congruent with their gender identity. This may include cross-living, synthesized sex hormones, surgery and other body modification which may or may not lead to the feeling of harmony between a person's body and gender identity.

tree—slang for penis

tribadism—The lesbian sex practice of rubbing two vaginas together.

trichomoniasissexually related infection that is caused by an organism that lives in the lining of the vaginal walls and causes an odorous, foamy, irritating discharge. Trichomoniasis, or Trich, can be passed between sexual partners and can be cured with antibiotics. 

trick—slang for sex industry worker's (prostitute's) customer, a session carried out by a prostitute with a client

trigger—slang for clitoris

trimesterany of three periods of approximately three months each into which a pregnancy is divided

trip to the john—slang for masturbation

tripod—slang for penis

Trojan—slang for a condom

troublemaker—slang for penis

trouser snake—slang for  penis

trouser trout—slang for penis

tubal ligation—surgical procedure in which a female’s fallopian tubes are cut to prevent ova (eggs) from entering the uterus.  A woman will continue to menstruate after having a tubal ligation.  It’s a permanent procedure and is also referred to as "getting tubes tied."

tube steak boogie—slang for sexual intercourse

tube steak smothered in underwear—slang for penis

tube steak—slang for penis

tubes—slang for female breasts

tuchus—slang for anus or buttocks

tuck—slang for hiding male genitals.

tuggin' on it—slang for masturbation

tug-o-war with the Cyclops—slang for masturbation

tumescenceenlargement of the penis or clitoris resulting from the increased blood flow to the organ in response to sexual stimulation.

tuna taco—slang for cunnilingus

tunnel of love—slang for a vagina

turd cutter—slang for anus/rectum

turkey neck—slang for penis

turkeys—slang for female breasts

turn tricks—slang for sex industry worker (prostitute)

turned-on—slang for sexually aroused.

turning a trick—slang for sexual intercourse (prostitute's term)

turn—to perform an act of prostitution.  turning tricks

turtle—slang for anus/rectum

tush—slang for buttocks

Tutu (Hawaii)—slang for methamphetamine

twat—slang for the vulva, or woman or girl

Twi (Chuuk) —a vagina

twiddle a speed bag—slang for masturbation, usually female

twiddling—slang for masturbation

twins—slang for female breasts

two finger tango—slang for masturbation

two moon junction—slang for sexual intercourse

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