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Sexual Terminology--W

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wack your squack—slang for masturbation

wack-it—slang for masturbation

wad—slang for semen

walking the dog—slang for masturbation

wand—slang for penis

wanger—slang for penis

wangers—slang for female breasts

wang—slang for penis

wanker—1.  a person who masturbates.  2.  penis

wanking—slang for masturbation

war club—slang for penis

warrior of love—slang for penis

was it good for you?—slang for orgasm

wasting disease—slang for AIDS

water melons—slang for female breasts

watersports—sex acts involving urine or enemas.  See golden shower.

wax the dolphin—slang for masturbation

waxing the soldier—slang for masturbation

waxing your carrot—slang for masturbation

waxing your pole—slang for masturbation

wax—To give a hand job (i.e., to masturbate another person, usually a man).

wazoo—slang for penis

wazoos—slang for female breasts

weapon—slang for penis

weasel—slang for penis

wedding tackle—slang for male genitals


weenie—slang for penis

wee-wee—slang for penis

well hung—slang for having a large penis

wet dream—When a man has an erotic dream and ejaculates in his sleep.  Nocturnal emission

wet the worm—slang for sexual intercourse

wet—said of a woman, sexually aroused and producing vaginal lubrication.

whack off—slang for masturbation

whacker—slang for penis

whacking the weasel—slang for masturbation

wham the ham—slang for masturbation

wham, bam, thank you ma'am—slang for sexual intercourse

whanger—slang for penis

wheel—slang for sexual intercourse

whip it—slang for masturbation

whip your willie—slang for masturbation

whipping—striking or flagellating a partner for sensory enhancement.

white owl—slang for penis

white porpoise of love—slang for penis

white/black root—slang for penis

whittle the wood—slang for masturbation

whoopee—slang for sexual intercourse

whoppers—slang for female breasts

whopping—slang for sexual intercourse

whoresex industry worker (prostitute) or person who has many sex partners.  Usually a derogatory reference

wick wacker—slang for penis

wiener—slang for penis

wiennie—slang for penis

wife swapping—a.k.a. Swinging.  When a married couple has sex with other people, commonly with other married couples.

wiggling the bean—slang for female masturbation

wilbur—slang for penis

wild thing—slang for sexual intercourse

willie the wonder worm—slang for penis

willie—slang for penis

willy—slang for penis


wing-wong—slang for penis

winin fefm (Chuuk)female sex industry worker (prostitute)

winin muan (Chuuk)male sex industry worker (prostitute)

winnebagos—slang for female breasts

winnie—slang for penis

with my imaginary lover—slang for masturbation

wittol—husband who tolerates his wife’s infidelity

woman's home companion—slang for penis

womb—slang for term for uterus

wonder wand—slang for penis

wong—slang for penis

woody—slang for erect penis

wooter—slang for penis

work it—slang for sexual intercourse

working girl—slang for female sex industry worker (prostitute)

working it—slang for sexual intercourse

world's oldest profession—slang for sex industry worker (prostitute)

worm—slang for penis

worship—to lavish attention to a body part (Ex—feet.)  Also, a role playing attitude toward a dominant.

wrap five around woody—slang for masturbation

wrapper—slang for a condom

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