Street Drug Terminology--Y

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Ya BaA pure and powerful form of methamphetamine from Thailand; "crazy drug"

Yahoo/yeahoCrack Cocaine

Yale—Crack Cocaine

Yam—Crack cocaine

YaoPowder cocaine

YayRock of crack cocaine

YayooCrack Cocaine

Yeah-O—Crack Cocaine


Yellow bam—Methamphetamine

Yellow bullets—Depressants

Yellow dimples—LSD

Yellow fever—PCP

Yellow jackets—Depressants; methamphetamine; Barbiturate

Yellow powder—Methamphetamine

Yellow submarine—Marijuana

Yellow Sunshine—LSD

Yellow—LSD; depressants

Yen pop—Marijuana

Yen Shee SueyOpium wine

Yen sleep—Restless, drowsy state after LSD use

Yen—a strong craving


YeolaMarijuana and crack

Yerba (Spanish)—Marijuana

Yerba mala (Spanish)—PCP and marijuana




Yeyo (Spanish)—Cocaine, Spanish term

YimyomCrack Cocaine

Ying Yang—LSD

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