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Transgender, Intersex Information


A Quick and Easy Guide to Medicaid and Transition Related Procedures (PDF)

A Sex Difference in the Human Brain and its Relation to Transsexuality

African-American Transgender Information

An Introduction to Transgendered Women: An Equality Analysis (PDF)

Annual Report on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Domestic Violence (PDF)

Answers to Your Questions About Transgender Individuals and Gender Identity (PDF)

Asian Pacific American Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People: A Community Portrait (PDF)

Assessing the Needs of Female-to-Male Transgendered People of Color and their Partners (PDF)

California Transgender Information

Campus Climate for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender People: A National Perspective (PDF)

Community Survey: Gender Transition and Crossdressing Services in BC (PDF)

Consumer Info on Laser's Cost-effectiveness: A Comparison Study of Laser and Electrolysis (PDF)

Discordant Sexual Identity in Some Genetic Males with Cloacal Exstrophy Assigned to Female Sex at Birth (PDF)

Dr. Lori Kohlers Transgender Presentations, February 7 10, 2005

Ethical Guidelines for Members of the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association, Inc. (PDF)

Exceptions to the Rule (PDF)

Exploring Transgendered Community and Gender Based Programs in Greater Victoria (PDF)

Fa'afafine Information, American Samoa

Feminism and Intersex Movement: This is Our Vagina Monologue (PDF)

FTM International: Organization serving Female-to-Male transgendered people and transsexual men.

Gender Identity 101: A Transgender Primer (PDF)

Guide to Intersex and Trans Terminologies (PDF)

Healthcare Issues for Transgender Patients

Hermaphrodites with Attitude

HIV and Transgender Information

Homelessness and Transgender Information

Indigenous Peoples and Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered Issues

International Journal of Transgenderism

Intersex Society of North America Newsletter

Is There a Transgender Canon? Information Seeking and Use in the Transgender Community (PDF)

LAMBDA GLBT Community Services

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Sexuality and Related Issues--Bibliography (2001) (PDF)

LesBiGay and Transgender Glossary (PDF)

National Coalition for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Youth

Obesity, Body Image, and Unsafe Sex in Men who have Sex with Men (PDF)

Questions and Answers on the Sex Life and Sexual Problems of Trans-Sexuals

Power and Control Wheel for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People (PDF)

Redefining Gender and Sex: Educating for Trans, Transsexual, and Intersex Access and Inclusion to Sexual Assault Centres and Transition Houses (PDF)

Regret after Sex Reassignment Surgery in a Male-to-Female Transsexual: A Long-Term Follow-Up (PDF)

Representing Transsexual Clients: Selected Legal Issues (PDF)

Safe Bathroom Access Campaign: Survey (PDF)

Sex Research at the Borders of Gender: Transvestites, Transsexuals, and Alfred C. Kinsey (PDF)

Sexual and Physical Health After Sex Reassignment Surgery (PDF)

Sexual Differentiation of the Human Brain: Relevance for Gender Identity, Transsexualism and Sexual Orientation (PDF)

Social Stigma, Marginalization, Injection Drug Use, and HIV Risk Among MTF Transgenders (PowerPoint)

The American Boyz (AmBoyz) supports people who were labeled female at birth but who feel its an inaccurate or incomplete description.

The Intersex Society of North America (ISNA)

The National Latina/o Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Organization

The Trans Biography Project: Stories From the Lives of Eleven Trans People in BC (PDF)

Trans Inclusion Policy Manual for Women's Organizations (PDF)

Trans People in the Criminal Justice System: A Guide for Criminal Justice Personnel

TransForming Community: Resources for Trans People and their Families (PDF)

Transgender 101 (PowerPoint)

Transgender 102 (PDF)

Transgender Awareness: Role Plays and Interactive Exercises (PowerPoint)

Transgender Bibliography (MS Word)

Transgender Bibliography, (Compiled by the Hawai'i AIDS Education and Training Center) (MS Word)

Transgender Employment Information

Transgender Equality: A Handbook for Activists and Policymakers (PDF)

Transgender HIV Information

Transgender Identity Documents Fact Sheet (PDF)

Transgender Inclusivity in Gay-Straight Alliances (PDF)

Transgender Information Resources (PDF)

Transgender Jeopardy (PowerPoint)

Transgender Legal Information

Transgender People and the Federal Marriage Amendment: Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Transgender Prison Information

Transgender Youth

Transgendered Issues (PowerPoint)

Transgendered People: An Invisible Population (PDF)

Transition and Crossdressing Service Delivery: A Review (PDF)

TransMedia Resources for Journalists and Others in the Media (PDF)

Transsexuals Sexual Stories (PDF)

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