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Vasectomy Information


Consultant Surgeons and Vasectomy (PDF)

Counselling and Consent in Vasectomy (PDF)

Effectiveness of Vasectomy Using Cautery (PDF)

Impact of a Mass Media Vasectomy Promotion Campaign in Brazil (PDF)

No-Scalpel Vasectomy:  An Illustrated Guide for Surgeons, Third Edition (PDF)

No Scalpel/No Needle Vasectomy (PDF)

Questions and Answers About Vasectomy (PDF)

Recent Developments in Vasectomy (PDF)

Vasectomy and Prostate Cancer (PDF)

Vasectomy in the United States, 1991 (PDF)

Vasectomy Reversal (PDF)

Vasectomy Surgical Techniques:  A Systematic Review (PDF)

Vasectomy:  It Makes A Vast Difference (PDF)





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Pregnancy and Nutrition

Emergency Contraception Information

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Teens, Adolescents and Contraception


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