High Tech Hawai'i
Tuesday, February 25, 2003
8:00-9:00 p.m.

When Good Networks Turn Bad
Jodi-Ann Ito, UH Information Security Officer
Karina Tam Orot, Network Security Consultant, Camp Smith
Christopher Young, Deputy AG, State of Hawaii
David Lassner, Chief Information Officer, University of Hawai'i

The Internet was supposed to help us find and share information, get access to education, make business more efficient, improve public services, expand economic opportunities and generally make the world a better place. Now we find ourselves wading through Spam, fighting viruses daily, constantly applying critical software patches and fighting to keep our identities and credit card numbers safe. Is the Internet more trouble than it's worth? Is there hope that this will get easier?

During the live airing of the program, questions may be called in to 956-5670 or 1-800-342-7949 (neighbor islands), or sent by email to hth@hawaii.edu.

High Tech Hawaii is a live monthly call-in show produced by the University of Hawaii to shed light on high technology activities within the state. It airs live on the fourth Tuesday of each month during the academic year from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. It is webcast live and can be seen on PEG Access cable channels throughout the state as well as on Craig TV. On Oahu Cable it is aired live on Channel 55, on Hawaii Cable Channel 54, on Kauai Cable Channel 10, tape-delayed on Maui Cable Channel 54 and on Craig TV Channel 21. It is also webcast live using RealPlayer at: <http://www.hawaii.edu/hth>

Now in its 6th year of production, previous High Tech Hawaii shows have highlighted topics such as Kids & Networking, IT in the Travel Industry, the Hawaii-China connection, computer security, IT education and training, data centers in Hawaii, wireless, telecom regulation, electronic commerce, telemedicine, distance learning, assistive technologies for the disabled and the Pacific Telecommunications Council.

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www.cert.org - 3 items of interest:
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<www.haltabuse.org/resources/index.shtml> focused more on online harassment, abuse, cyberstalking
<www.symantec.com/securitycheck> - to check for security holes
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at <www.microsoft.com>, search for: Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
IIS Lockdown Tool
Security Tools and Checklist)

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