High Tech Hawai'i
Tuesday, April 25, 2006
8:00 - 9:00pm
Cable Channel 55

Web 2.0 - What's the Difference?
Lucas Gonze, Webjay, XSPF, playlists at Yahoo!
Kevin Hughes, Chief Technology Officer, ChipIn

David Lassner, Chief Information Officer, University of Hawai'i

Is Web 2.0 the next big thing? And what is it anyway? This month's High Tech Hawaii will give viewers a chance to learn about and understand the fundamental changes taking place via the world wide web as it shifts from a source of static information to a dynamic platform that enables new kinds of interpersonal interactions. One of the challenges with tomorrow's concepts is explaining them in today's terms, and Web 2.0 is no exception. High Tech Hawaii is fortunate to have two industry insiders who will help us explain, demonstrate and speculate about what Web 2.0 really is, what it isn't and what they think it will become. If you still think of the web as just a place to get information, this month's High Tech Hawaii is sure to change your mind about the future!

Now concluding its 10th year of production, High Tech Hawaii is a live monthly call-in show produced by the University of Hawaii to shed light on high technology activities within the state. It airs live on the fourth Tuesday of each month during the academic year from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. High Tech Hawaii can be seen on PEG Access cable channel 55 throughout the state. It is cablecast live on all islands except Maui where it is tape-delayed. A live webcast is available anywhere on the Internet at: <http://www.hawaii.edu/hth/>. During the live airing of the program, questions may be called in to 956-5670 from Oahu or 800-342-7949 (neighbor islands) or sent by email to hth@hawaii.edu.

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