High Tech Hawai'i
Tuesday, November 26, 2002
8:00-9:00 p.m.

Kids, Learning & Networks: Beyond the Boxes
Confirmed Guests:
Lynne Sueoka
Teacher, MeneMAC Media Communications & Technology Learning Center, MOHS
Dan Suthers
Director, Laboratory for Interactive Learning Technologies Co-PI, Hawai'i Networked Learning Communities
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Information and Computer Sciences
Maureen Ditol - MHS student
Lorraine Pascual - MHS student
on Kauai:
Leah Aiwohi
Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School, EAST Coordinator
Kalae Punua - CKMS student
Carie Inouye - CKMS student
Miki Ueoka - CKMS student
Royce Overlock - CKMS student
David Lassner
Chief Information Officer, University of Hawai'i

Hawai'i has achieved national recognition for the success of some of our innovative projects involving K12 students and network technologies. These projects have gone far beyond the simple use of computers to teach and reinforce facts. Hawai'i students have learned to work together in authentic inquiry-based projects, forge relationships with scientists in Hawai'i and elsewhere and reflect deeply on the nature of teaching and learning -- generally within the context of their local communities. Perhaps most importantly, these network-based projects have helped students learn to take responsibility for their own learning. Teachers involved in these projects play a different role than in traditional classrooms, and often learn as much as their students. This month's High Tech Hawai'i will feature a conversation with some of Hawaii's students and teachers who have been at the leading edge of learning and teaching with network technologies. They will share their surprising insights regarding what they have learned, and consider the challenges of doing even more within a traditional schooling environment.

During the live airing of the program, questions may be called in to 956-5670 or 1-800-342-7949 (neighbor islands), or sent by email to hth@hawaii.edu.

High Tech Hawai'i is a live monthly call-in show produced by the University of Hawai'i to shed light on high technology activities within the state. It airs live on the fourth Tuesday of each month during the academic year from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. It is webcast live and can be seen on PEG Access cable channels throughout the state as well as on Craig TV. On Oahu Cable it is aired live on Channel 55, on Hawaii Cable Channel 54, on Craig TV Channel 21, on Maui Cable Channel 54 and on Kauai Cable Channel 10. It is also webcast live using RealPlayer at: <http://www.hawaii.edu/hth>

Now in its 5th year of production, previous High Tech Hawai'i shows have highlighted topics such as IT in the Travel Industry, the Hawai'i-China connection, computer security, the prospects for high tech in Hawaii, IT education and training, data centers in Hawai'i, wireless, telecom regulation, electronic commerce, telemedicine, distance learning, assistive technologies for the disabled and the Pacific Telecommunications Council.

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