High Tech Hawai'i
"High Tech Hawai'i" Looks at Y2K in Hawai'i
Wednesday, April 7, 8-9 p.m.

Mary Pat Waterhouse, Deputy Comptroller, State of Hawai'i
Sterling Yee, Auditor, HEI
Host: David Lassner

The April edition of "High Tech Hawai'i" will take a look at the myths and reality of what the Y2K technology issue is likely to bring for Hawai'i. It will provide an overview of the problem, how the State and local industry are responing, and what the public should do to plan responsibly. In her capacity as Deputy Comptroller, Mary Pat Waterhouse is spearheading the State's Y2K compliance program. Sterling Yee monitors the status of Y2K compliance in the corporate sector in Hawai'i.

High Tech Hawai'i is a live monthly call-in show produced by the University of Hawai'i to shed light on high tech activities within the State. It is aired live on the first Wednesday of each month during the academic year from 8:00 - 9:00pm. On Oahu it can be seen live on Olelo Channel 55 and Americast Channel 21. On the neighbor islands it is available live only via the Internet using RealVideo.

Previous shows have highlighted topics such as Internet technologies, Business on the Internet, Telecom Regulation, Telemedicine, the Pacific Telecommunications Council, Distance Learning and Assistive Technologies. Future programs this spring will focus on the Y2K Issue and Electronic Commerce.

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