High Tech Hawai'i
Wednesday, May 5
8-9 p.m.
Oceanic 55, Americast 21

"High Tech Hawai'i" Looks at Electronic Commerce and Banking in Hawai'i
Peter Kay, President, Cybercom
Karen Tom, Internet Marketing Manager, Bank of Hawaii

Host: David Lassner

The US economic boom has been heavily supported by the growth of the Internet, and particularly the increasee level of commerce taking place in cyberspace with the expectation of much greater increases each year. U.S. consumers are estimated to have spent bought some $13 billion worth of goods via the Internet in 1998, and business-to-business commerce was estimated at $48 billion. Both numbers are expected to be doubling or more each year, as do most indicators associated with the Internet. This trend presents both opportunities and threats to traditional businesses, which are challenged to review business practices if they wish to remain competitive in the years to come.

The May High Tech Hawaii program will review what e-commerce really is and demonstrate some of the most compelling examples of e-commerce applications, globally and locally. Peter Kay is the founder of Cybercom, one of the leading e-commerce site developers in the state, who has been working with the web since the first local web site was created at Honolulu Community College. Karen Tom is the Assistant Vice President and Internet Marketing Manager for the Bank of Hawaii, considered by many to have the leading electronic banking site in Hawaii.

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