High Tech Hawai'i
Wednesday, August 25
8-9 p.m.

"High Tech Hawai'i" looks at ThinkQuest in Hawaii
Guests: Lynne Sueoka, Darrel Galera, Mari Maeda
Host: David Lassner

In what High Tech adventure has Hawai'i established a clear national and international leadership role? The answer may surprise you, but it involves many of Hawai'i's public school students and teachers who develop and promote the advanced use of the World Wide Web for education. A Hawaii team won the "Best Educational Design" award in the very first international contest in 1996, bringing home over $75,000 in scholarships and prizes. A Hawai'i teacher won the 1998 Coach of the Year Award. Teams of Hawai'i students in grades 4-6 captured 6 of the 31 top awards in the 1999 Junior level contest while no other state had more than even two winners. The adventure is called ThinkQuest, a family of online contests that awards well over $1m in cash prizes and scholarships each year for innovative use of the Web in teaching and learning.

The 1998 ThinkQuest Coach of the Year and Aiea Teacher Lynne Sueoka, will join Leeward District Asst. Superintendant and ThinkQuest Parent Darrel Galera on the show. They will explain ThinkQuest and how to get involved, share their experiences with the program, and describe how ThinkQuest has changed their views on teaching, learning and schooling.

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