High Tech Hawaiʻi
Wednesday, September 27, 2000
8-9 p.m.

"High Tech Heroes and Other Musings on Technology and Silicon Valley"
Guests: Sherwin Gooch
Host: David Lassner

Sherwin Gooch was part of the core engineering team at the University of Illinois that created PLATO, one of the largest and most advanced network communities of the 1970s. He subsequently moved to California and managed the Data Communications group at Atari, worked on digital broadband technology for cable television networks in the mid-1980s, developed early infrared wireless remote graphical input devices and archictected Apple's early plug-n-play ethernet-compatible networking facility. Mr. Gooch has done extensive work in audio and video synthesis, and founded music research groups which are still active at the University of Illinois and Florida State University. He holds several patents for his work in advanced communications and he continues to live in Silicon Valley where he consults and is involved with technology startups. In his spare time Mr. Gooch has written, produced and hosted 57 episodes of "High Tech Heroes", a television program seen on community access channels in a number of cities nationwide that showcases individuals who have made a substantial technical contribution to the high-tech world.

September's High Tech Hawaiʻi will feature a wide-ranging discussion with Sherwin Gooch sharing insights into the real high-tech heroes who have helped create our current wired environment and their comments both on- and off-camera. The discussion will highlight some of the lesser-appreciated technical foundations of today's environment and likely sources of the next breakthroughs that will advance technology even further. As always, live questions and comments are invited from viewers in Hawaiʻi or around the world.

During the live airing of the program, questions may be called in to 956-5670 or 1-800-342-7949 (neighbor islands), or sent by email to hth@hawaii.edu.

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