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New UH Strategic Plan for Information Technology
by David Lassner

The Director of Information Technology Services at the University of Hawaii presents the new Strategic Plan for Information Technology.


Virtual Tour of Networks
by Alan Whinery

Hawaii's special geography, as well as its geology, presents both challenges and solutions to those in search of a place to do education and research in this part of the world. Take a tour of the UH Networks, from the misty heights of Kokee Park, Kauai to the tropical warmth of UH Hilo, and discover the “UHNet You Never Knew”.


Kicking the Modem Pool Service Up a Notch
by Jan Kawachi

ITS is improving the UH modem pool service by extending the session time limit to two hours, providing reliable 28.8 Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) connections, and moving to one modem pool phone number. The new modem pool number, 440-0002, is available now for testing. This 28.8 Kbps modem pool will be replacing the current 979-2400 (28.8 Kbps) and 956-5080 (14.4 Kbps) modem pools on January 3, 2001. Although we cannot offer the speed and unlimited access of private Internet Service Providers, the new modem pool may be ideal for members of the University community who need free access on a limited basis.


Student Housing’s ResNet Program Popular Among Residents
by Randall Watanabe, Student Housing Services

Initial attempts to provide Internet connectivity to students living in the UH Mänoa residence halls have developed into a concerted effort to provide high-speed Internet access to the room of every resident by 2002. The network project, known as ResNet, is extremely popular and has facilitated a sense of community among residents.


Three New Accessible Computer Stations in ITS Labs
by Michael Wu

Physical and visual limitations have long hindered the disabled from gaining access to and using valuable technology resources. Information Technology Services is pleased about the addition of three new accessible computer stations in its general purpose computing labs and the opportunities they make available to those with disabilities. The computer stations are equipped with special software and motorized adjustable-height tables.


Getting to Know UH “Virtually”
by Wendy Krause

Increasing numbers of high school seniors and other prospective students are using online campus tours to help them decide where they would like to continue their education. The University of Hawai‘i has its own online virtual tours to showcase the programs, facilities, and beauty of our campus. Visit for a virtual walking tour of UH Mänoa, check out the Athletic Department, cruise the residence halls, and more!


Getting Published on UHINFO
by Gordon K. Uyehara

Got something to show the world? If you have an ITS username, take advantage of your free Web space by publishing information on your own personal home page. Departments with a need for Web presence may also request Web space. We’ll show you how to get started, detail some common problems, and give you some helpful tips.


Webcasting: Bringing the Event to You
by Kenwrick Chan

Would you like to see this semester’s graduation ceremony, but don’t want to deal with the crowds? Did you miss the UH president’s latest speech because you had a commitment to be elsewhere? With a multimedia computer, an Internet connection, and streaming video software, you can view live events or previously recorded programs. Bring the event to you with webcasting. Here’s a listing of what UH events and programs are available via webcast and what you need to be able to view them.


Web Course Tools at UH
by Linda McConnell and Yves Sakai

Advances in technology continue to create new avenues for teaching and learning. Faculty have the means to teach courses entirely over the Web. Students from across the UH system can enroll in online courses and receive credits as though they were sitting in traditional classrooms. Find out how you can use WebCT course management tools to design, create, and deliver your course online.


Access PeopleSoft Via the Web
by Diep Vole

The project to upgrade the PeopleSoft Online Human Resource System for the University of Hawaiÿi from version 5 to version 7.5 has entered the parallel testing phase. The new version of PeopleSoft features a Web interface, which is a significant advancement over the current PeopleSoft version 5. Recommendations for IBM/PC compatible systems and alternatives for those using Macintosh systems are listed. Be sure your desktop system meets the recommended hardware and browser software requirements to be able to use this application.


A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Providing Uninterrupted Power Service
by Darrel Enoki

What happens when the main source of electrical power for the computer network needs maintenance? A three-hour outage this past summer went unnoticed as a rented 125kW generator maintained uninterrupted power flow to the network and mail servers. Come along for a behind-the-scenes peek at how scheduled power outages are handled.


  • Free Anti-virus Software on ITS CDROM
  • 7MB E-mail Size Limit Implemented
  • Media Access Generator (MAGpie): Captioning Tool for Audio and Video Files
  • ITS Username Cleanup

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