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New UH Strategic Plan for Information Technology
by David Lassner

The University of Hawaii Board of Regents adopted the first Strategic Plan for Information Technology in February 1992 after a comprehensive, systemwide, consensus-building process. The 1992 Plan represented the institution's first shared vision for information technology.

A new system wide committee was appointed to update this plan for both the necessary changes and the technological realities and opportunities of the new millennium. The committee assessed progress since 1992, the changes in the technology landscape as they relate to higher education, and the new environment in which the University of Hawaii operates. Through that assessment, a new draft plan was prepared as the basis for wider discussions within the University system. The draft plan was circulated throughout the University community, made available on the Web, and presented in various meetings and forums in order to obtain comments and feedback from the widest possible constituency. The draft was substantially revised based on that feedback, and the new Strategic Plan for Information Technology 2000 was accepted by the UH Board of Regents on July 20, 2000.

The new plan presents a straightforward vision for information technology for the University of Hawaii: all members of the University of Hawaii community will have access to a first-class information technology infrastructure consisting of the tools, services, and support that will enable them to be the most effective they can be.

The plan then moves through a frank assessment of the University's progress and shortcomings in seven specific areas: Teaching, Learning and Students; Research; Administrative Services; Communications and Network Services; Space and Facilities; Faculty and Staff Support; and IT Management and Funding. There is a strategic objective for each area and specific actions identified to achieve that objective. The full plan, including its executive summary, is available for review at

The new Strategic Plan for Information Technology sets out an ambitious agenda for what the University must accomplish to flourish in the 21st century. Information Technology Services considers this plan to be the fundamental basis for our work over the next several years, but full success will require the engagement and support of the entire University community and its leadership. Oversight of the plan and monitoring progress is the responsibility of the new Systemwide Information Technology Advisory Committee, which welcomes your suggestions and ideas on how we can move forward together.

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