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Kicking the UH Modem Pool Up a Notch
by Jan Kawachi

ITS has improved the UH Modem Pool by increasing the session time limit to two hours, upgrading to a digital connection, and moving to one dial-up PPP number. The new number is 440-0002. It is available now for testing and is targeted to replace the 979-2400 (28.8 Kbps) and 956-5080 (14.4 Kbps Pearl) modem pools on January 3, 2001. Initially, the new modem pool will have 200 plus modems to support access speeds up to 28.8 Kbps. It also has an automatic time-out for sessions that are idle for 15 minutes to make the best use of the possible number of concurrent connections. This configuration will change with future enhancements. With just one pool and one number, ITS will be able to provide better support and increased reliability for dial-up connections.

We encourage you to take advantage of this test period to ensure you have the proper configuration to access the new modem pool before the older pools are no longer available. To help you get started, a "Quick Reference to the New Modem Pool" document is available at the ITS Help Desk in Keller 105 and online at This document has instructions on what needs to be done to connect to the new modem pool.

If you currently access the 14.4 Pearl modem pool through 956-5080, please be advised that ITS will be supporting only PPP connections for Internet capability. As more of the UH community require Internet access, support demands have increased to the point where it is no longer feasible to support ASCII terminal sessions using software such as Kermit or Hyper Terminal. ITS is consolidating resources to maximize support and reliability for the new PPP-only modem pool.

For those interested in the technical details, the analog 28.8 modem pool was upgraded to use Integrated Services Digital Network - Primary Rate Interface (ISDN - PRI) technology. ISDN-PRI provides a more reliable modem connection with low error rates and faster speeds. If you have a 28,800 bps or faster modem, it will typically connect at speeds ranging from 24,000 bps to 31,200 bps, depending on the quality of the phone connection from your home to the public telephone network.

Although we cannot offer the speed and unlimited access of private Internet Service Providers, the new modem pool may be ideal for members of the University community who need free access on a limited basis. If you experience problems with the new modem pool, or have suggestions for improvement, send e-mail to or call the ITS Help Desk at 956-8883.

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