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Introducing ‘First.Last’ Email Aliases
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by Naomi Okinaga & Michael Hodges

UH email services have been enhanced with First.Last alias capability for faculty and staff. Email addresses at UH are composed of the UH Username followed by “” UH Usernames have historically been based on a person's name and assigned on a first-come first-served basis. As the “friendly” UH Usernames are assigned, new users find that most of the “good” email addresses have been taken. Since UH Usernames are now permanently assigned to their current owners, new UH Usernames are becoming increasingly abstract. When Maxwell Q. Klinger Jr. arrives on campus for a job in the Drama department in 2015, under current practice his email address would likely be something like Many universities have already standardized on this format.

The First.Last capability has been introduced to the UH email service to provide an alternative and more friendly email address. will be an alias for to and is suitable for printing on a business card. The First.Last namespace is reserved for faculty and staff to improve the likelihood that a “good” email address can be found. The First.Last format is somewhat flexible: First.M.Last, Middle.Last and other presentations are available by default.

Please note that the First.Last email alias does not replace the UH Username and cannot be used to access on-line services.

First.Last email aliases are listed in the online UH directory:

For information on setting up a First.Last email alias please visit:
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