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The Fight Against Spam Escalates!!!
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by Michael Hodges

Thanks to the addition of the Sophos PureMessage anti-spam (and anti-virus) gateway to the UH email service, there has been a dramatic decline in volume of spam reaching email inboxes as compared to a year ago.

“Spam” is generally defined as unsolicited bulk email. Sophos employs a wide distribution of ‘honeypots' that attract spam for analysis to provide for the rapid enhancement of spam (and antivirus) filters. UH's anti-spam gateway is updated throughout the day. PureMessage has proven to be very accurate at detecting and quarantining spam while also ensuring that the occurrence of false positives — “real” mail being inappropriately tagged as spam — remains very low.

PureMessage has been implemented at UH with a daily digest feature. Everyone with UH email receives by default a daily digest of the mail that has been flagged as spam and quarantined. Spam is quarantined for 14 days and then automatically deleted, so it is not necessary for anyone to manually remove quarantined spam.

Spammers are constantly evolving their ability to bypass anti-spam gateways and personal spam filters. But you can take steps to minimize your exposure. Most importantly, never respond to unsolicited email. Don't attempt to make a purchase, and don't attempt to get removed from a spammer's mailing list. Spammers are unscrupulous, and your replies or requests for removal only confirm that your email address is real, and increases its value to spammers who may resell it to others.

More information on fighting spam at UH can be found at:

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