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ITS - Fall 2005
IT Director, David LassnerCIO's Corner
David Lassner

Last spring ITS surveyed all UH faculty and staff regarding your satisfaction with information technology services provided at the University of Hawaii. You can see the results summarized in the article by Ginger Carey in this InfobITS newsletter.

As we review the results within ITS, we take pride in the areas where our services seem to be meeting your needs. At the same time, we rely on this kind of input to help us understand where we can best apply scarce resources to improve our services. I'd like to comment on three areas where your responses to the survey have helped sharpen our focus.

The area where you most requested improvement in our services was your email quotas. As most of you know and can read about in this issue of InfobITS, as of this semester we have increased the default quotas from 20 MB to 500 MB for faculty/staff and 250 MB for students. We are continuing to work on increasing our information storage capabilities, both for email and other kinds of document sharing, which you have also told us is service you'd like to see.

The second service most commonly identified as needing expansion is wireless coverage. As you can read about in this issue of InfobITS, we have continued to expand wireless coverage. But this is obviously not reaching all the locations you think are important. So this Fall we will be conducting a follow-up survey to ask you identify the additional areas where you would most like to see wireless coverage provided. With this information, we will try to work with campus leaders to expand soonest in the areas wanted by more of the UH community. We hope that when you receive email notification of this online survey you will take a few minutes to reply.

We also noted that our WebCT Campus Edition Version 4 service is not achieving the satisfaction levels we would like. Since the additional comments you provided with the survey so enthusiastically complimented the human assistance you receive from our WebCT support staff, we know this is an areas in which we need to make some software improvements. Support for online learning is one of our most strategic services and we are committed to identifying, acquiring and migrating to a new enterprise learning management system over the next several years. A number of you have asked questions following the publication of my comments in the Spring 2006 InfobITS. We would like to assure you that the process of selecting a new system will be consultative in nature and will include a migration process that minimizes the work required to move your online courses from the current learning management system to the new one. As the process begins, we will be communicating directly with all affected WebCT users.

One of the interesting bits of information we obtained through this survey was the distribution of operating systems you use. About 75% of respondents use some form of Windows, 21.5% use Macintoshes, and 3.5% use something else, presumably mostly Linux.

We thank the more than 10% of you who were able to spend some time letting us know how we're doing. Regular surveys of our customers are an important way for us to understand where we can make improvements, so we hope that those of you who didn't have a chance to reply last Spring will be able to participate next time around.

Aloha, David
CIO, Information Technology Services

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