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IT Services at Your Fingertips
by Editor

Information concerning IT support at UH is at your fingertips via two online ITS guides. Links and listings in the guides are routinely updated so you can bookmark these sites for a quick and easy reference on the latest IT info.

Faculty/Staff Guide

Here you will find the broad range of IT services offered to faculty and staff conveniently organized into three categories: Administrative Services & Support, General Services & Support, and Instructional Technology Services & Distributed Learning.

Faculty/Staff Guide to Services
Student Guide

Access to modern technical resources is important for students during their educational experience. This guide handily organizes the wide range of technology-based services and support that ITS offers to assist students in achieving their educational goals at UH.

Student Guide to Services

Manoa Library Explores "Self Checkout"
by Editor

Self Checkout at Hamilton LibraryHamilton Library on the UH Manoa campus now has a “self checkout” service allowing patrons to checkout or renew books. The checkout station, complete with a scanner/desensitizer and monitor, has been placed in the main floor of the library. You can follow the steps conveniently displayed on the monitor, circulation desk staff are available for assistance should you encounter any difficulty with the process.

Unlike Sinclair Library self checkout service, which still requires a staff member to review the transaction, Hamilton's checkout is a one stop service; provided that the book is not overdue or has been placed on reserve by another patron. This new service is especially convenient during peak checkout periods, and helps eliminate long lines at the circulation desk. For more information on self checkout visit the UH at Manoa Library web site at:

UH Directory - Online vs. Print
by Michael Hodges

The UH Online Directory has undergone a number of enhancements over the past few years and recently has been augmented with a Department listing, including contact information for UH departments. The online directory includes search functions to make it easy to locate people and departments.

Tip #1: Use asterisks to perform wildcard searches, i.e. “Ste* * Cha * ” for Stephen Chavezo if unsure of spelling (Steven vs. Stephen), middle initials, etc. Include the middle asterisk for best results.

UH online directory information is synchronized with the printed UH directory and updated throughout the year by Department Administrators and by automated changes that reflect changes in our Student Casual Overload Payroll Information System ( SCOPIS) and PeopleSoft Human Resources applications.

The University's annually printed UH Faculty and Staff Directory has been a reliable reference for many years. Starting in 1993 the first UH online directory was implemented as an entirely separate process from the UH printed directory. It was innovative for its time and the best place to look up email addresses.

With the advent of the University's Identity Management System and the introduction of the UH Number to replace use of the SSN (Social Security Number), the printed and online directories' became more accurate by being tightly synchronized with our Human Resource Management System and SCOPIS.

Tip #2: Contact your Department Administrator if your directory information is out of date. Please have your UH Number handy (see below for link to instructions).

The printed directory continues to be popular and useful, but as we continue to expand the online directory it will become the best source of current location and contact information. And best of all, wherever you have Internet access, you have access to the UH Online Directory.

Related web pages:

UH Wireless Supports Visitor Internet Access (VIA)
by Naomi Okinaga

A new Visitor Internet Access (VIA) service was started this past May 2006. The service allows faculty and staff to sponsor up to four visiting colleagues with temporary 30 day or less access to the ITS managed wireless services at UH Manoa and other campuses that use the ITS authentication infrastructure for access control. Through this service, visitors can use their wireless laptop to check the email of their home institution, browse the Internet, and conduct business while connected to the UH campus network. Access approval will generally take place within one business day.

A “Special Request” VIA to allow more than four visitors requires that a support person be designated by the UH sponsor to oversee any accounts. This can be the sponsor him/herself, someone in their department who has used the wireless setup previously, or could be their departmental IT support person. The designee will be responsible for configuration, connection, and password resets for the group.

For more information on either the VIA or Special Request services please visit or contact the ITS Help Desk at 956-8883 and ask to speak with a staff member.

Wireless "Hot Spots" Spread
by Garret Yoshimi

By all accounts, ITS operates one of the larger wireless network “hot spots” in Hawaii, with current coverage in many common gathering areas of the Manoa campus frequented by students, faculty and staff (see coverage map at Our priority in designing the Manoa wireless network is to provide coverage for common or shared areas on campus. ITS also partners with individual departments in extending the ITS network to provide coverage into departmental spaces. Departments provide the funds to purchase, install and connect new wireless access points, while ITS conducts site surveys, provides the installation labor, manages, operates and maintains operation of the overall Manoa campus network. Departments interested in investigating expanded coverage should contact Harry Morita at x66080 or

We are still looking for your suggestions to improve our coverage in common areas too. We will be asking you for your ideas soon or you may contact Garret Yoshimi at x64566 or

Wondering about wireless availability and plans for other campuses? Please contact the IT support organization on your campus for more information.

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