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The Director's Corner
by David Lassner
  The Director of the University of Hawaii Information Technology Services acknowledges recent accomplishments and future goals for the UH system.
Assistive Technology and Accessibility
by Jon Nakasone
  The widespread use of computers and the Internet is now commonplace in higher education. Do students with disabilities have the same access to information technology as other students? Find out how assistive technology enables students with disabilities to use computers and the wealth of information on the Internet.
UH on the Internet2
by Alan Whinery
  Internet2 is a high-performance networking infrastructure which is being developed by universities and research facilities across the nation to advance the Next Generation Internet. The University of Hawaii is now participating in the trailblazing project and will use the advanced networks for high profile research and other applications.
UHUNIX 2000 ­ Looking Back, Looking to the Future
A View from the UNIX Systems Group
by Julio Polo
  Use of our uhunix systems has increased exponentially and the demand for services continues to grow. Here's a look ahead in the evolution of the UNIX environment.

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12/31/99 Targeted as TSO Migration Deadline!
by Shirley Yee
  Academic users are migrating from the IBM mainframe to UNIX or desktop platforms. The task may appear to be formidable, but need not be overwhelming! Resources are available to help you get started and keep you informed throughout the migration process.


Is Your PC Y2K Ready?
by Jocelyn Kasamoto
  January 1, 2000 is just around the corner! Your PC hardware, operating system, and application software all need to be checked for Y2K compliance. Visit the ITS Y2K Web site for the latest information and a link to YMARK2000, a free utility to test for hardware compliance.
Protect Your System from Computer Viruses!
by Therese Nakadomari
  New viruses are designed to propagate to other computers via LANs or the Internet causing widespread damage to many systems. They have become more sophisticated and precautions of the past may not protect your systems. Register today for a free copy of the anti-virus software ITS site licenses for the entire UH community.
Phase Out of Support for Windows 3.1
by Naomi Okinaga
  Windows 3.1 will no longer be supported after December 31, 1999. There are many good reasons to upgrade to a more current operating system and you should migrate to Windows 95 or Windows 98 operating systems as soon as possible.
ITS CDROM Available at Help Desk
by Kevin Urasaki
  Dual-platform Windows/Mac CDROMs with ITS-supported freeware or shareware, Internet clients, and dialup software as well as a legally licensed anti-virus program is available free of charge to members of the University community. Pick up your copy while supplies last.

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Training CDROM "Hands On Tutor" at UH Bookstore
by Naomi Okinaga
  "Hands-On Tutor" is a self-paced tutorial you can use to stay up-to-date on the features of commonly used software for much less than the price of a class. The CDROM runs on Windows 95/98 computer systems and contains 25 training modules on Windows 95, Windows 98, Microsoft Office 97, and the Internet.
TALENT ­ Teaching And Learning With Electronic
Networked Technologies
by Hae Okimoto
  Find out how you can apply technology in your classroom. Faculty may participate in the TALENT Faculty Development series, the TALENT Show mini-conference showcasing UH faculty currently engaged in online teaching, and the TALENT Summer Institute.
Upgrade of PeopleSoft Human Resources System
by Diep Vo-Le
  The new version of the PeopleSoft Human Resources system will reside on a Sun Server running UNIX and will be accessible from the Web. Be sure your desktop system meets the recommended hardware and browser software requirements to be able to use this application.
Purchasing System and Web-based Requisition System Now Online
by Katherine Bly
  The newly installed Purchasing System of the Financial Management Information System (FMIS) allows for real-time account verification when creating purchase orders and true account balances. The counterpart Web-based Requisition system has been in use since August 1999 with over 3500 requisitions created via the Web thus far.
New Departmental Checking System for FMIS
by Lynn Odo
  The Departmental Checking System (DCS) has been developed to replace the current Imprest Check process. Advantages of using DCS are described here along with plans for future enhancements.
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