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New Departmental Checking System for FMIS
by Lynn Odo

The Financial Management Information System (FMIS) project team has implemented the first phase of the Departmental Checking System (DCS) to replace the current Imprest Check process. The following are the advantages of the DCS over the Imprest Check process:

  • Automated check and remittance advice printing on pre-printed laser check stock
  • Automated printing of check copy on plain paper
  • Automated check register production
  • Online, real-time transaction processing
  • Real-time edits, which will prevent the check from being printed if there is an error such as insufficient funds
  • Ability to create departmental vendor codes
  • The replenishment process is no longer needed
  • Automated bank reconciliation with the receipt of an electronic file of cashed check information
  • More information captured in FMIS on vendors and payments

FMIS and DCS are both written using Software AG's ADABAS as the database management system (DBMS) and Natural as the programming language. DCS also uses IBM's CICS Transaction Server. Check printing is performed through network attached PostScript printers using DRS (Dynamic Report System) and VPS (VTAM Printer Support) from Levi, Ray, and Shoup.

The development of DCS is a joint venture with the Disbursing office and the General Accounting and Loan Collections office. The initial pilot sites were the Office of the Chancellor for Community Colleges, the Financial Management Office, and the UHM College of Arts and Humanities. The initial phase was spearheaded by Michael Yoshimura of the Community College Chancellor's Office.

Currently, the community college campuses, University of Hawaii at Hilo, University of Hawaii-West Oahu, and three departments on the UH Manoa campus are using DCS. The remaining departments that chose to use DCS will be trained and have their systems implemented by January 2000.

Future enhancements include the ability to accept batch feeds from other systems (e.g. Student Information system for student refunds) for large volume processing, an interface to the FMIS Purchasing System, and enhancements to the check reconciliation process to capture more information on reconciliation exceptions.

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