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Upgrade of PeopleSoft Human Resources System
by Diep Vo-Le

Since July 1998, ITS has been working closely with a team from the Office of Human Resources, the Budget Office, the Payroll Office, and the Disbursing Office to upgrade the PeopleSoft Human Resources system from version 5.12.42 to version 7.56. This is a major upgrade due to the following:

The current version of PeopleSoft resides on an IBM RS6000 running AIX as the operating system. The new version will reside on a Sun Server running UNIX.

Currently, PeopleSoft is installed on each end-user's PC. The new version is Web-based which eliminates the need to upgrade the software on individual PCs. Macintosh systems will also be able to access the application.

Upgrading to version 7.56 involves a two-step process:

data conversion from version 5.12.42 to version 7.0.

PeopleTools upgrade from version 7.0 to version 7.56. PeopleTools includes the end-user Web client.

The above was performed in a test region of the UNIX system. Netscape and Internet Explorer were both used to test the Web client. It was found that PeopleSoft panel loading from Internet Explorer was much faster than Netscape. Panel loading speed was comparable to the current speed, where PeopleSoft is loaded on individual PCs. Internet Explorer will be used as the access tool for version 7.56.

PeopleSoft users are reminded to upgrade their PCs to meet the following recommended requirements to ensure adequate application performance (for a complete description of the ITS Microcomputer Recommendations, please refer to www.hawaii.edu/itsdocs/gen/itsrec/):

Windows 95/98 Operating System
Pentium II 400MMX MHz
64 Mb RAM or more
100 Mb free on your hard drive
Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 or 5.0

For Macintosh systems, the following are the recommended requirements:
Mac OS 8.6
G3/400 MHz Processor
64 Mb RAM or more
100 Mb free on your hard drive
Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.5 with Mac OS Runtime for Java 2.1.4

Parallel testing with the current production version is tentatively scheduled for the month of January, 2000. User training for version 7.56 using Internet Explorer will follow. Version 7.56 is targeted for production in early 2000.

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