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ITS Guide to Services
by Linda Maeno
An updated version of the ITS Guide to Services can be viewed on the Web at www.hawaii.edu/itsdocs/gen/itsguide. Hardcopies will soon be available in the lobby of Keller Hall and in all ITS Labs. The ITS Guide to Services provides an overview of the services we provide across the broad range of computing and communications technologies that support learning, teaching, research, public services, and administration. Information technology support is available to faculty, staff, and students of the University of Hawaii (UH) System.
Check UHINFO for Information Technology News
by Ward Takamiya

The latest University of Hawaii information technology news can now be found on UHINFO. Accessed via the main Information Technology page, or at the URL www.hawaii.edu/technews, this site offers three categories of news: Important News, Computer Virus Alerts, and General News and Announcements.

Important News gets the top billing–urgent or significant news such as the newly adopted Executive Policy on Acceptable Use of IT and notices of dangerous hacker attacks show prominently at the top of the page.

Computer Virus Alerts will keep you informed about the latest computer viruses. When the Melissa virus hit in the summer of 1999, our news article explained the problem and offered links to download fixes.

Other announcements and items of general interest fall under General News and Announcements. We might have an article explaining how a new piece of networking equipment is being installed to make your connections faster, or perhaps an article on distance learning courses, or how the UH has received a grant for advanced Internet services.

University of Hawaii users are encouraged to visit this site periodically for important information technology news and happenings. Newsworthy items may be submitted to the Information Technology News site by completing the form on the main page.

Microcomputer Support Pages Now Online
by Naomi Okinaga
PC and Macintosh users have a new resource to refer to for microcomputer assistance. Visit www.hawaii.edu/its/micro to view ITS support policies in addition to pointers on troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, and specific "how to" procedures. Bookmark this site and check these pages periodically for new information as it is a work-in-progress. If you have any suggestions or comments, send e-mail to naomi@hawaii.edu.
Information Technology Policy Adopted
by David Lassner
The University of Hawaii has adopted a new policy on the Use and Management of Information Technology Resources. A draft of this policy was circulated online and on paper throughout the UH system, and the policy as adopted reflects the suggestions and concerns expressed in response to this consultation. Executive Policy E2.210 lays the foundation for an information technology environment which reflects the values of our institution in which academic freedom and intellectual property rights are respected, individuals are protected from harassment, and the availability of the infrastructure itself can be maximized for the entire UH community. The rights and responsibilities of both users and managers of information technology are described, with reference to other policies and statutes applying to the use of information technologies. The policy can be viewed online at www.hawaii.edu/infotech/policies.
Contract for Statewide Educational Rates for Internet Dialup Service Renewed
by Marlon Wedemeyer

The Hawaii Educational Networking Consortium (HENC), a partnership of the Department of Education, University of Hawaii, the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools, and the East-West Center, has renewed its statewide dialup Internet service contract for another two years. Since August 1997, GST Hawaii OnLine has been the preferred Internet Service Provider (ISP) of the public education sector for dialup services. This agreement leverages the buying power of the statewide educational community to provide dialup service on all islands at a monthly rate that is lower than market price. HENC believes this is especially beneficial to neighbor island residents.

The existing free dialup service available through the UH modem pools will continue to be an option to those who want to use that service. Departments will continue to have free network access. With this offer, individuals who have a demand for a high level of accessibility can personally subscribe to a provider capable of providing such a service. This is especially important for those who need more on-line time or cannot tolerate the multitude of busy signals that are inherent with a free dialup service.

As of November 1, 1999 the cost for an account with unlimited access from any island is $16.31 per month, including all taxes. New customers also pay a one-time setup fee of $10.00.

For eligibility information, features of this service, or to subscribe online, visit:

To subscribe via telephone call Hawaii Online customer service:

Oahu: (808) 791-3000
Neighbor islands: 1-(800)-733-5638.

For more information, contact Marlon Wedemeyer, HENC Program Director at 956-2776.

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