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12/31/99 Targeted as TSO Migration Deadline!
by Shirley Yee

Now five years after our initial statement of direction, TSO migration is in progress! Our target date to complete migration from the IBM 9672-RA5 mainframe is December 31, 1999. All academic TSO users are strongly urged to migrate their files and applications to the ITS UNIX environment or departmental desktop systems as soon as possible. In the future, the mainframe will be reserved for administrative applications only.

TSO users will find that the uhunix2 environment has many similarities to what they are accustomed to on the IBM mainframe. Software and hardware have been added to accommodate users migrating from TSO. SAS and SPSS are available as well as BMDP, SHAZAM, and IMSL. The ISPF full screen editor has been installed. In addition to a 9-track tape drive, a 3480-cartridge drive has been acquired. DOCUTAPE and other tape procedures to read IBM SL and NL EBCDIC tapes are now available on uhunix2.

Those who will be migrating to UNIX but do not yet have a uhunix ID (ITS username) may request one at www.hawaii.edu/help/idreqinfo.html. A mailing list has been established to provide those moving from TSO to UNIX with the latest news and developments. To join the mailing list, login to UNIX and send e-mail to listproc@hawaii.edu. The body of the message will contain one line: subscribe tso-migrate your_firstname your_lastname

Answers to common migration questions are found in the ITS document UNIX018, "Moving from TSO to UNIX". This comprehensive, 83-page document is available at the Help Desk in Keller 105 or in PDF format on the Web at www.hawaii.edu/itsdocs/cen/unxtso.pdf.

Due to operating system upgrades in both the IBM mainframe and UNIX environments, an addendum to the TSO migration document is also provided. The addendum is constantly being revised to reflect the most current information. Always check to ensure you have the most recent addendum. Stop by the Help Desk for a copy of UNIX019 or view the document online at www.hawaii.edu/itsdocs/cen/unxtsoa.pdf

Users may also choose to migrate to their departmental desktop systems. Software to transfer files are available on the ITS CDROM at the Help Desk and online at www.hawaii.edu/help/software.html. ITS document WIN9X004, "Moving Files from TSO to a PC" is available at the Help Desk or on the Web at www.hawaii.edu/itsdocs/win95/pctso.

For assistance with migration, send e-mail to tsomove@hawaii.edu or call the ITS Help Desk at 956-8883.

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