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Director's Corner - Y2K in Restrospect
by David Lassner
The Director of Information Technology Services at the University of Hawaii comments on the smooth transition into the new millenium.

Special HISTORICAL Section
The 40th Anniversary of Information Technology

40th Anniversary Timeline

April 2000 marks the 40th Anniversary of Information Technology at the University of Hawaii. Go back in time and view the humble beginnings that led us to where we are now.


Good Ol' Days at the UH Computing Center
by Linda Maeno

The IBM 650 seems “primitive” today, but was considered so “modern” back in 1960! Walter Yee, Al Higashi, and Bill Soong recall early days of the UH Computing Center. They look with humor and nostalgia to where UHCC began and how technology has changed over the decades.


View From the Terminal Room
by Jodi-Ann Ito

APL, PLATO, HP2000, HP3000, Harris, DEC-20, UHCCUX, UHCCVX, UHUNIX, Fat Mac, Mac+, IBM PC, IBM PC/XT. Any of these sound familiar? These systems represent over two decades of interactive and desktop computing at UH. Venture back into time and reminisce over the changes interactive computing has undergone.


Nostalgic Journey Down MSO Lane
by Henry Ito
It was common to see Management Systems Office (MSO) programmers lugging boxes of punched cards between MSO and the UH Computing Center, with round magnetic tapes hanging from their arms. Journey down MSO Lane with Henry Ito as he recalls the systems and tools used at MSO as the office traveled through the technology revolution beginning in the early 1970s.

A Serpent Invades Paradise
by Alan Whinery

Network engineer Alan Whinery describes how a handful of scientists and technical staff came to the Manoa campus on a Sunday morning with shovels, pickaxes, Ethernet supplies, and aircraft refueling hose to establish the backbone known as the Campus Research Network (CRN). That was the beginning of UHNet, the network that spans six islands and provides access to the Internet for the UH community.


Evolution of UHINFO
by Ward Takamiya

The original 1993 UHINFO was a text-based, menu-driven system using gopher as its delivery method. It was ideal for accessing information about the University of Hawaii prior to the dawn of the Web. By 1994, a Web-based version of UHINFO was released which has seen perpetual enhancements and growth up to today.


A Brief History of Registration at UH Manoa
by David Robb, UHM Director of Admissions and Records

Registration for classes at UH Manoa is currently performed over the phone or via the Web, but it wasn’t always that simple. Those who were students up to the early 1990s remember registration as a stressful time which included waiting in long lines, scrambling for class approvals, and frantically searching for alternate classes when first choices were no longer available. Follow this chronicle of registration at UH Manoa and where it is headed in the future.


From SCRIPT to Web Editors - Word and Text Processing at UH
by Lee Ann M. Lee

In the early 1980s, word processors were text-based and formatted output was commonly sent to the IBM mainframe’s high-speed printers. Come along for a journey through the eyes of an ITS staff member who has seen the progression of word and text processing from early attempts to today.


A Computer in Every Home
by Gordon K. Uyehara

Has there ever been a consumer product more important than the personal computer? Follow one person’s journey of discovery as the microcomputer progresses from a seemingly simple device, to a sophisticated, multi-functional tool. To be sure, the personal computer is now a necessity that no home should be without.


Remember When…

Do you have a memory related to information technology at the University of Hawaii? Read what others have shared and add your own snippet to the Web page.


Access Your E-mail through the Web
by Julio Polo

While ITS has encouraged migration to graphical clients for years for everyone who uses the same computer regularly for e-mail, Pine has been a good option for people to access their e-mail from an occasional computer in a lab, at someone else’s office, or while travelling. A Web-based solution is now available via Through this interface you can access your e-mail from any computer on the Internet with a Web browser.


Last Chance to Save Your TSO Data!
by Shirley Yee

April 15, 2000 marks a year since IBM migration formally began. After that date, staff support for migration will be on a time-available basis with all academic TSO IDs scheduled for termination on June 30, 2000. Act now to ensure that your tape data will be accessible from the UNIX platform or departmental desktop systems.


Secure E-mail Available
by Julio Polo

The Internet’s ever-increasing presence in our professional and personal lives mandates tighter security measures in order to guard against online impostors and eavesdroppers. ITS is moving towards an infrastructure which addresses these issues through user authentication and encryption of sensitive data.


Non-Mandatory Personal Computer Contract Established
by Byron Watanabe

The new personal computer (PC) contract for UH is non-mandatory; departments are no longer required to purchase PCs exclusively from the contract. Additionally, warranty coverage for new PCs has been adjusted, and a Web site has been provided with current prices and to allow custom configuration of systems.


  • Securing Your Computing Resources
  • UH Site Licenses
  • UH Disposal Guidelines for Obsolete Computer Equipment
  • Talent Summer Institute

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