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Programs on uhunix2 to be Removed
by Naomi Okinaga

Are you running programs on uhunix2?

ITS is planning to upgrade their uhunix2 system from a Sun Enterprise 4000 to an Enterprise 4500 on June 4, 2001. The operating system is also being upgraded from Solaris 2.6 to Solaris 8. Due to these changes, ITS is in the process of determining what software to support on the new system. In reviewing the current software on uhunix2, it has been found that some of the older software packages are no longer being supported by their vendor. Other software packages are no longer being used on UH campuses, or have been made available on other platforms through individual departments.

Please review the following list of programs slated for removal. If you are still using any of these programs in your work, please e-mail Naomi Okinaga or Cara Kawano as soon as possible, but no later than May 25, 2001. Please include a brief description of why you need the program(s).

    math (mathmatica)
    SPARCompiler C++1
    SPARCompiler Fortran1
    SPARCompiler Pascal1

1The SPARCompilers are being replaced by the Forte compilers

Improvements to University of Hawaii at Manoa Telephone System
by Harry Morita

Improvements were made to the telephone system hardware at UH Manoa on January 30-31, 2001. Our connection from the UHM telephone system to the public switched network was upgraded from analog to digital trunking. As a result of this change, external callers should experience faster connect times when calling UH, there is an improvement in the sound quality of calls, and limited Caller ID features are available.

To take advantage of the Caller ID feature, departments would have to upgrade their telephones to Meridian 2317 display phones. There is an additional recurring charge per month for this telephone. For more information on Caller ID, including a list of Frequently Asked Questions, please refer to the ITS Telecommunications Web site at www.hawaii.edu/telecom or call ITS Telecommunications at 956-6033.

Distance Learning and Information Services Restructured within ITS
by Naomi Okinaga

The Information Services section of ITS has undergone changes in leadership and structure. Previous manager, Jodi Ito, has moved into the position of Security Officer for the University of Hawaii, under ITS Director, David Lassner. Hae Okimoto, Manager of Distance Learning and Instructional Technology (DLIT), has assumed double duties and is now the Manager of both DLIT and the restructured Information Services. The combined section is now called Distributed Learning and User Services (DLUS). With this reorganization, some changes are being made as we continue in our effort to better serve you.

One of the first changes involves how we provide support services. If you are having computer or network problems, your first action should be to contact the ITS Help Desk by calling 956-8883, sending e-mail to help@hawaii.edu, or visiting Keller 105 on the UH Manoa campus. If the Help Desk cannot resolve the problem, it will be forwarded to an Information Technology Specialist on our staff. Previously, assignments were rotated among members of our support staff, so you may have worked with a different person, depending on which day you called. Now, each IT Specialist has been assigned to service specific buildings (at UHM) or specific campuses. By organizing our staff in this way, we hope that we can begin to establish a working relationship with you, as well as recognize patterns of trouble calls. This will allow us to be more proactive in our support. If your department or campus has your own Information Technology Specialist(s), please continue to work with them. Our role is to provide support for your IT specialists, resulting in a truly integrated support structure.

Please e-mail Naomi Okinaga or Hae Okimoto with your suggestions or comments. We look forward to working together with you.

TALENT - Teaching And Learning using Electronic Networked Technologies
by Hae Okimoto

What is TALENT? TALENT is the ITS faculty development program established to assist faculty use technology effectively in their courses. It uses a course management tool called WebCT as the basis for faculty to put their course online, or to enhance their traditional class.

The upcoming 2001 TALENT Summer Institute is comprised of two parts. The first part, TALENT 101, engages faculty in a pedagogical discussion of online teaching and learning via a WebCT online course. Once faculty members successfully complete the course, they are then able to participate in a face-to-face, hands-on workshop where they learn more about the functions of WebCT and begin the actual work of creating their own online course.

Who is eligible for TALENT? All fulltime faculty of the University of Hawaii system are eligible to apply. The materials presented will be useful to all faculty, whether they are planning on teaching a fully online course or will be using Internet technologies to enhance their traditional on-campus course. Apply at www.hawaii.edu/dl/talent.

When is TALENT? TALENT 101, the online course, is scheduled to begin on June 1 and end at midnight on June 30. The hands-on workshop is scheduled as follows:

  • July 11-13 at UH Manoa for Oahu
  • July 16 & 17 on Kauai
  • July 19 & 20 on Maui
  • July 23 & 24 on Hawaii

Please contact Hae Okimoto Hae Okimoto for more information.

UHM Associate Professor Recognized for Exemplary Online Course
by Hae Okimoto

Faculty who teach classes over the Internet have access to WebCT, a course management tool supported by ITS. Currently, approximately 200 faculty use WebCT to either teach their course entirely online or as a resource to enhance their on-campus course.

Dr. Barbara McLain, Associate Professor of the UHM Music Department, uses WebCT to teach her Foundations of Music Education class online. It has been recently announced that she is one of the 19 Exemplary Course Winners, selected from a list of thousands by WebCT's Project Collaborators. Barbara began her adventure in online teaching by attending the Spring 1998 TALENT series. The knowledge she learned there, along with some help from the staff of the then Distance Learning and Instructional Technology staff (see article above on reorganization within ITS), gave her the foundation on which to develop her own online course. Barbara is currently teaching another online music education course, with 11 students scattered across three islands and one in Indiana. Congratulations Barbara!

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