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Lifecycle of Your ITS Username
by Michael Hodges

Your ITS Username is the unique id assigned to you by ITS which enables you to access many ITS services and resources. All ITS Usernames follow a similar lifecycle. Once created, your ITS Username is valid for the duration of your academic or professional career in the UH system.

The use of an ITS Username is a privilege, which faculty, staff, and students are asked to respect. There are instances when an ITS Username may be suspended or revoked, depending on circumstances. Please refer to www.hawaii.edu/infotech/policies for guidelines on proper use of your ITS Username and IT resources.

The following describes the lifecycle of your ITS Username:

  • Birth: the account is created. Accounts for incoming freshmen and others who register at UH are created automatically. New faculty or staff, or students who register late may request an ITS Username at www.hawaii.edu/help/accounts/idreqinfo.html.

  • Active: the account provides the owner access to ITS services and resources such as e-mail, the ITS modem pool, Web space for personal home pages, etc. For a list of services available with your ITS Username, visit www.hawaii.edu/infotech/itsusername.html.

  • Transition: When students, faculty, or staff leave the university system, their account enters a transition period. This includes students who have graduated or transferred to a new university, faculty or staff who have left the University or retired, etc. Accounts remain active throughout the transition period, unless termination is requested or the account is used in a manner not compliant with University policy. During this time, users should obtain a new e-mail address and actively inform correspondents to use the new address. Preferences can be set for hawaii.edu e-mail to be forwarded to the new address during the transition period. Personal backups of files should also be made at this time, since the account will not be accessible to the owner after the transition period. Extensions may be granted in some circumstances.

    The transition period for faculty and staff is six months. For students this period is one semester. Summer sessions are counted as part of the spring semester. Therefore, students who do not return for the spring semester will continue to have active accounts unless they fail to enroll for the following fall semester.

  • Lockdown: After the transition period, the account is locked down and can no longer be accessed. The purpose of the lockdown is to effectively terminate the account, but allow for quick restoration in the event that the owner returns to the University system. All files in the account are preserved during the lockdown period. For faculty and staff this period is six months. For students this period is one semester with summer sessions counted as part of the spring semester. Extensions to this period may be granted in some circumstances.

  • Termination: After the lockdown period the account is deleted along with all files in the assigned home directory. No archive is made -- all data is permanently and irretrievably lost. The username becomes available and may be assigned to another user. Extensions to this period may be granted in some circumstances.

For more information on your ITS Username, refer to www.hawaii.edu/infotech/yourusername.html.


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