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Apply to UH Manoa Via the Web
by Renee Kimoto

As an alternative to the paper-based application process, prospective undergraduates may now apply to the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UH Manoa) using a Web browser. The Online Admissions Application went live at the beginning of the fall 2001 semester. Applications are currently being accepted from the Web site for fall 2002.

How it Works

Those new to this process must first create an account to obtain a PIN number and to enter the system. The user then selects the campus he/she is applying to. Campus selection drives the application, i.e. it determines what the user sees. This includes majors available, application deadlines, and applicable fees. Lastly, the student must complete all required forms for the specified campus. For prospective UH Manoa undergraduates, an application consists of the following:

What's Ahead / Benefits

While the Web site currently can only process undergraduate applicants to UH Manoa, efforts are underway to make it system-wide. The module for the Community Colleges is in the testing phase but may be on hold until integration plans can be made with the new Student Information System (SIS) project. UH Manoa Graduate Division is targeted to begin accepting applications in summer 2002.

Overall, the site is user-friendly and provides many benefits. Students may browse majors available at each campus. When a new account is created, it is valid for up to one year. A student can start an application, save any work in progress, and finalize the process at a later time if desired. Once the site is available system-wide, students will be able to apply to multiple UH campuses with one account. Students can only have one application in draft at a time, but subsequent applications to different campuses or for different semesters will utilize the most current information in the system. This minimizes having to re-enter personal or residency information as required with paper-based forms.

Current Findings

Since the system has gone live, the Admissions & Records (A&R) Office has noticed that the majority of online applications submitted are by non-residents. Very few online applications have been submitted by international students. And while relevant pages are secure (https://), students are somewhat hesitant to provide certain information online, such as their social security number. In addition, students will occasionally call or email to verify that their online application was received. However, current estimates show that roughly 10-15 online applications are being received per day. And as of 3/11/02, roughly 25% of total applications for the upcoming fall have been submitted online.

For questions, comments, or feedback, please send email to mis-info@hawaii.edu. To apply online to UH Manoa, visit http://apply.hawaii.edu.


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