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Spring 2002 Contents

Integrated System-wide Student Information System Project Now Underway
by David Lassner

The Director of Information Technology Services at the University of Hawaii talks about a new Student Information System to serve all 10 campuses of the UH System.


Did You Notice Our Big Pipes?
by Jan Kawachi

The ITS Network team has been busy installing hardware and equipment upgrades to the network "pipes" which interconnect our UH campuses across the state and the world. These upgrades are critical in order to meet the ever-increasing demands of the University community. Find out what improvements have been made and other projects in progress in the effort to provide secure, reliable communications services across the UH system.


Network Access from Manoa Classrooms
by Jan Kawachi

Beginning summer 2002, instructors or student presenters will be able to connect to the UHNet, Internet, and Internet2 from general-purpose classrooms on the UH Manoa campus. The availability of network connections in classrooms opens up new and exciting possibilities for teaching and learning. Online applications can be demonstrated live, Web pages with information related to the current class topic can be browsed, and Web searches can be done on the fly. The sky's the limit as instructors have resources from the network at their fingertips.


No "Strings" Attached
by Carl Yoshioka

The UH Wireless Network provides access to the Web and email from various locations on the UH Manoa campus, without wires. Since the initial rollout last fall, an increasing amount of UH faculty, staff, and students have discovered the convenience and flexibility of having "no strings attached." Usage is expected to increase as coverage is expanded in common areas and departments request wireless access in their buildings. Bring your laptop, find a comfortable spot, and give it a try! For more information, visit the UH Wireless Network home page at http://www.hawaii.edu/wireless.


@hawaii.edu Email Services Keep Getting Better
by Michael Hodges

The Email Implementation Project was completed over the Presidents' Day weekend. The result is that email services are perceptibly faster and reliability has been improved. The new Web Mail is greatly enhanced and is now a viable alternative for many who currently using Pine. The Email Implementation Project is part of an ongoing effort to enhance and expand services. ITS will continue to improve existing services and establish new @hawaii.edu services. Work has begun on a Web Calendaring service.


More Changes in ITS Services to Better Serve You!
by Linda Maeno

In an effort to make the best use of limited physical space available and to more efficiently provide technical support to the UH community, several changes have been made in relation to the ITS Help Desk, ITS Labs, training, and other aspects of support services. Find out how ITS is trying to make the most out of limited resources to better serve you.


Enhance Your Class With WebCT
by Linda McConnell

WebCT (Web Course Tools) is a set of online course and student management tools available to UH faculty and staff. It can be used to deliver a course totally online, or as an enhancement to a face-to-face class. WebCT is ideal for facilitating and supporting course concepts, interactions, and building a stronger community between instructor and students. Online tools such as Discussions, Mail, and Chat can enhance the traditional class environment.


Streamline Procurement Process With New ePurchasing System
by Tammy Vandevender

Here's your chance to move one step closer to that "paperless office!" The ePurchasing system is a completely Web-based application that streamlines the procurement process. No longer will you need to fill out those paper requisition and purchase order forms! The online system allows you to perform common tasks with the convenience of features such as electronic approvals and real-time account validation and funds availability checks. Implementation of the ePurchasing system began in December 2001 with three pilot departments and plans are to implement ePurchasing across the entire University system by July 2003.


Apply to UH Manoa Via the Web
by Renee Kimoto

As an alternative to the paper-based application process, prospective undergraduates may now apply to the University of Hawaii at Manoa over the Web. The Online Admissions Application Web page at http://apply.hawaii.edu offers a convenient and user-friendly way to apply for admission. Helpful information on majors available, application deadlines, and applicable fees is available. While the Web site currently can only process undergraduate applicants to UH Manoa, efforts are underway to make it system-wide. Spread the word to prospective students who are interested in attending UH!


Conference Calls Made Easy with the Meridian Integrated Conference Bridge
by Harry Morita

There's good news for those who make conference calls with participants on the neighbor islands, the mainland, and in different countries. These types of conference calls are now possible using the UH Manoa phone system and can be made from the comfort of your office. ITS is pleased to announce the Meridian Integrated Conference Bridge, a fully integrated, all-digital, audio conference bridge. With this unit, departments have quick access to an in-house conference bridge, eliminating the need to contact conference service bureaus.


Attention: Upcoming Systems Outages
by Darrel Enoki

Although never welcome, planned systems outages are necessary to ensure that we can continue to provide reliable systems and network services. ITS makes every attempt to inform you in advance of upcoming outages. In addition, these events are scheduled so as to have the least impact on the University community. Read about two important projects that require systems outages in the near future. For up-to-date news and announcements on systems projects and outages, visit the ITS Web site for Current Status and Alerts at http://www.hawaii.edu/technews.


  • Civil Service Employee Data Now Managed Internally by UH
  • Faster Network Improves Streaming Video Viewer Satisfaction
  • Raise the Bar for You and Your Staff with ITS Training Classes
  • Get Started with Online Teaching at the TALENT Summer Institute

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