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Integrated System-wide Student Information System Project Now Underway
by David Lassner

The University of Hawaii has initiated a major project to implement a new integrated system-wide Student Information System (SIS) to serve all 10 campuses of the UH System. The lack of such a system has been continuously identified as a major problem for the university in nearly every planning forum and discussion of improving our services to students.

The major objective of the new system is to improve and modernize the way we provide services to students by integrating across the many functional areas of student services and integrating across the campuses of the UH system. For example, a new financial aid system and a new bursar (student accounts) system will mean that a student will be able to take classes from multiple campuses, have their financial aid applied to their total bill, and pay the balance online with a single transaction. Faculty will be able to review class lists and submit grades online. Administrators will have full access to information to help them with academic planning and budgeting.

UH conducted a Request for Information process in Fall 2001, visited several vendors, checked references, and engaged outside help in selecting a vendor. SCT was chosen as the best match for the University's immediate and future needs. They will be providing UH their Banner Student and Financial Aid software as well as implementation services.

Two additional products will integrate closely with Banner. Our WebCT course management system (see related article) will be integrated with Banner Student so that as students add or drop a class with a WebCT component they will be automatically added or dropped from the WebCT course. And the new Campus Pipeline Luminis portal, based on the open-source community-based JA-SIG uPortal framework that UH had adopted, will integrate Banner, WebCT and our new iPlanet email and calendar services (see related article). This means, for example, that class email lists can be automated and that student and faculty calendars can be automatically loaded with appropriate class schedules each semester.

UH has adopted a fast-track schedule for the project to provide the benefits of the new system as quickly as possible. The seven community colleges will implement the core of the system for the Fall 2002 term. Meanwhile all ten campuses will be simultaneously working toward a full integrated system-wide implementation for the Fall 2003 term.

John Morton, Provost of Kapiolani CC, has assumed full-time management of the SIS project. He is ably assisted by student services and technical staff from throughout the UH system who have been assigned to the project.

Few projects have the potential to transform and enhance the ways we serve our students as much as this one. Stay tuned for additional information and ongoing communication about how you can be a part of it.


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