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Attention: Upcoming Systems Outages
by Darrel Enoki

There are two projects on the ITS event horizon that require system downtime. The first is the replacement of the two aging Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems. These UPS systems provide the backup power to our main ITS computer and network systems. With them, ITS is able to gracefully power down in the event of a power outage, and they hold us through short outages and glitches. Installation of the new UPS system will be done before the end of summer. During the installation process, Keller Hall will experience three power outages, each lasting between 4-8 hours each. All outages will be scheduled over weekends to minimize the impact on the University community. During these outages, ITS will rely on a generator to supply power to systems and network equipment that must remain up. IBM mainframe applications such as ISIS, FMIS, and parts of HRIS will not be available during these outages. Email and network services will be available, however there will be short downtimes that may range from a few minutes to nearly an hour as we switch to and from generator power.

The second project involves the replacement of aging air conditioning (A/C) chillers on the roof of Keller Hall. These chillers feed the air handlers in rooms that house the main computer and network equipment for the University. This project will impact only the air conditioning in Keller Hall. Therefore, services will remain available as long the temperature in the Computer room remains within acceptable levels. Should conditions deteriorate, there will be a pecking order for which services will be shut down. This project is targeted for November 3rd, 9th - 11th, 2002. These dates may change pending the awarding of the contract.

Two other projects that may also affect services this year are 1) the hardware installation of the new Banner Student Information System, and 2) the installation and migration to a new, industrial strength tape robot system for near online storage and backups. The project will be scheduled such that disruption of services will be avoided or kept to a minimum. Unfortunately, we don't have any planned dates and as to when these projects will occur. However, they are on a fast track and will probably happen well before the end of June 2002.

For more up-to-date news and announcements on systems projects and outages, visit the ITS Web site for Current Status and Alerts.


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